How Many Jobs Are Available In Finance Consumer Services

How Many Jobs Are Available In Finance Consumer Services, For the most of Americans, access to secure and high priced financial services is crucial as they strive for long-term financial security. Credit, insurance, and investment products are the three main group of financial products used by people.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Finance Consumer Services

How many jobs in the financial and consumer services sector are there? Let’s learn what financial consumer services are after reading this guide, as well as the jobs that are available in this industry. But firstly, let’s know what Finance consumer services mean.

What is Finance Consumer Services?

Consumer financial services—also referred to as retail financial services—are financial products and services made available to regular people. They include a wide range of products, such as payment services, current and savings accounts, and more. In this area, the Commission aims to advance consumer safety and openness. Consumers ought to be happy and content that they are well protected and be able to make educated judgments about financial goods. Further market union is another goal of the Commission.


Consumer services in the finance industry help customers make wise financial decisions and buy the goods and services they need to make the most of their available financial resources.

Additionally, the financial industry may help clients become financially literate. People can research, for instance, the best ways to budget, manage debt, and invest money. How Many Jobs Are Available In Finance Consumer Services

Types of Finance Consumer Services

In order to better assist you in understanding the sector, we have chosen to diversify it so that you can now select the area that best suits you and submit an application in that manner;

1. Personal financial planning:  PFPs assist clients in building and achieving financial goals. They develop unique plans while taking into account a buyer’s income, debts, expenses, and investment folder.

2. Investment banking: Investment bankers offer investment analysis and advice. They cooperate with clients to find ways, offer suggestions, and offer financial planning advice.

3. Insurance: Insurance brokers assist clients in selecting the best insurance plan for their needs. They check out a client’s risk attributes and suggest the plans that offer the maximum protection. You can transfer risk to others through insurance firms in exchange for a premium payment.

4. Accounting: Tax returns are prepared and financial records are managed by accountants. They collaborate with people, companies, and governmental agencies to guarantee adherence to financial regulations.

5. Lending: Lenders loan money to people and companies. They evaluate a borrower’s creditworthiness and establish the loan’s conditions.

6. Banking: Customers can use banking services to make payments. Internet and mobile banking have significantly improved the banking experience.

The consumer services sector is expanding and needs skilled people. The finance purchaser industry will add more than 700,000 employment by 2030.

The enterprise sector is forecast to increase by 7% by 2022. The region is anticipated to earn $8.6 billion in sales in 2023.

Top Paying Jobs In Finance Consumer Services

1. Chief Financial Officer

One of the finest positions in the financial and consumer services sector is chief financial officer. Even with less expertise, this career route can earn up to $158,000 annually. Budgets, accounting, and financial planning are all under the control of a CFO. They also deal with the legal facets of commercial transactions like mergers and acquisitions.

The average annual compensation for a CFO is $158,000, though it can be higher based on your level of expertise and place within the business or organization where you work.

2. Financial Advisor

One of the highest paying positions in the financial consumer services industry is financial advisor. A financial advisor offers guidance on financial items such as investments, insurance, retirement plans, and other types of plans.

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This might range from assisting customers with the creation of retirement accounts or the selection of adequate insurance coverage to offering advice on how to invest their money more wisely.

The remuneration for these jobs varies greatly based on the company where they work, but the typical yearly salary is between $51,000 and $149,000.

3. Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

A CIO is in charge of all financial operations for a company, including stock and bond purchases as well as risk management for these investments. A CIO typically makes $145,000 a year, according to Simply Hired.

At larger firms, this role is necessary, and the required degree of experience is very high. To qualify, you might need to have more formal qualifications.

4. Securities Trader or Sales Agent

Another well-paying position in the financial consumer services sector is securities trader. There aren’t many competent agents available for this position, despite its high demand.

In addition to several years of professional experience in securities trading or sales, this position calls for an associate’s degree or higher in finance, business administration, or a similar discipline. Securities traders earned an average of $162,000 a year, while sales representatives get $145,000, according to PayScale.

5. Financial Analyst

Another of the highest-paying positions in the finance consumer services is that of a financial analyst, which may bring in up to $89,000 a year on average. To assist businesses in making investment decisions, financial analysts do research and analysis on the financial markets. They also offer managerial advice on how to utilise available funds and foresee trends in the financial markets. Financial analysts may focus on particular sectors of the economy, like healthcare or manufacturing, or investment categories, like stocks or bonds.

Although some businesses hire people with bachelor’s degrees in economics or other relevant fields, they frequently have postgraduate degrees in business administration (MBA) or finance. The average yearly pay for financial analysts working in the finance consumer services industry is $89,210.

6. Private Equity Associates

These individuals seek for possible investors while working in investment banking. They are responsible for helping with newly acquired investments and conducting due diligence on the bank’s customer experience. Associates in private equity also bring deals they are pursuing to a successful conclusion. Most of the time, they act as coordinators to make sure the business transaction is accomplished.

The average Pay for Private Equity Associates is $104,551.

7. Information Technology Auditors

The internal controls and a wide range of risks in a financial institution’s computer system are handled by the information technology auditor. This specialist keeps an eye on the setup and makes sure it complies with industry best practices.

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The position can entail researching technologies that are used to identify systemic flaws. Reports covering the results and system recommendations are written by the IT auditor. Additionally, IT auditors may maintain records, guide IT workers, plan and carry out internal audit strategies, and prepare management reports.

Average Pay for Information Technology Auditors is $93,446.

8. Insurance Advisor

With an average pay of $54,392, professionals in this position offer financial guidance on retirement, investment, and risk protection. Tax status, liabilities, risk analysis, and insurance are all included in the specialists’ thorough study of your financial demands. Additionally, they visit with clients, examine each one’s unique risks, evaluate their financial portfolios, and provide financial counselling.

9. Loan Officer

If you are studying finance, you should also take the position of a loan officer into consideration while thinking about the diversity of opportunities available in the field.

Loan officers examine, approve, and offer advice to lenders before approving loans to individuals and businesses.

In order to assist people and businesses in obtaining finance from banks and other financial institutions, loan officers work with them. Loan officers are also employed by banks, credit unions, and fintech companies.

Most loan officers work for commercial banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders, and other lending-related financial institutions.

A typical salary of $80,000

10. Accountants

Accountants gather, observe, change, and communicate records about the company’s financial situation in order to aid businesses, governments, private corporations, and accounting firms in making financial decisions.

They are in charge of data collection and analysis, audits, budgetary and economic prediction support, tax computation, and reporting outcomes to management and other parties like the IRS or clients in addition to keeping track of transactions.

Average salary: $73,560.


In conclusion, a degree from school and/or specific professional certifications are required for employment in the highly professional field of finance and consumer service. If you are able to earn a degree and the required professional certification, then your career ladder will move up more quickly.

FAQs About Jobs In Finance Consumer Services

What are the advantages of working in this industry?

There are prospects for growth as well as lucrative pay packages and flexible work schedules in this industry.

Can I work from home?

If your job permits it, you can indeed work from home. However, the majority of jobs demand that you spend at least some days each week on-site.

What are the top 4 consumer service categories?

Retail and wholesale services, leisure and hospitality services, health and social services, and education are the four primary categories of consumer services.

Are consumer services a promising career?

Consumer services can be the ideal fit if you desire a profession where you can help others and feel good about what you do every day. Customer experience continues to be a top focus for businesses across all sectors. Therefore, there are still many opportunities available for those who want to work in the consumer services industry.

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