Jobs That You Can Do From Home. Top 10 Remote Jobs.

Jobs That You Can Do From Home. Top 10 Remote Jobs. In This Article, We Will Show You The Jobs That You Can Do From Home.

Are you a Fresh Graduate and you are wondering what are jobs that you can do from home? Are you a student ? Or a stay at home mum? In this article, we will walk you through jobs that you can do from home with little to no experience today. Keep reading!

Jobs That You Can Do From Home


Jobs That You Can Do From Home. Top 10 Remote Jobs.

Here are some of the jobs that you can do from home:

1. Developer

The development industry is one that lends itself nicely to online employment. You can work from home whether you’re a website developer, software developer, app developer, or anything in between.

In addition to being frequently remote, developer professions are in high demand, making them among the best jobs that you can do from home.

2. Translator

The need for translators has grown as a result of businesses wanting to close the communication gap and the internet’s ability to link us all. A translator might provide internet testing, document translation, or proofreading, among other tasks.

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You must be extremely fluent in at least two languages in order to work remotely. This will give you even more options as a job that you can do from home if you speak many languages.

3. Designer

While designers must have a lot of knowledge, many of these talents may be learned for free using tools, just like developers. Nowadays, a website with excellent design is highly valued—and for good reason.

This implies that there will always be a demand for designers, making this a promising career path. This alone is a compelling argument in favor of working as a designer if you’re looking for remote employment.

4. Journalist/writer

In the era of the internet, being a journalist isn’t as simple as it previously was. Despite this, it is still a very popular job that you can do from home.

The majority of remote journalism jobs also demand that you have excellent research abilities and a strong writing style. However, if you’re not quite there, you may start creating articles for various online platforms.

By doing that, you would be able to write better and build a portfolio of your work.

5. Career coaching

This is a unique job that you can do from home because it calls for you to work for yourself directly, as opposed to an employer. But if you’ve been looking for remote employment but nothing seems to suit, perhaps starting your own business is the best option.

Coaching for careers is not for the weak of heart. But if done right, it may be quite profitable.

6. Customer service representative

If you enjoy using computers and are an excellent communicator, think about working remotely as a customer service representative.

In this position, responding to customer inquiries and directing individuals to more advanced support or self-help materials are obviously the typical responsibilities. To help their clients, both big and small businesses need customer service representatives.

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7. Social media manager

Consider applying for a position as a social media manager if you’re looking for jobs that you can do from home that will let you make the most of all your social media expertise.

Since you can engage with your team via email or chat and use online tools to schedule your postings, managing social media accounts may simply be done from home.

8. Online personal shopper

An online personal shopper career is one of the remote professions that might suit you if you have a knack for interacting with people and enjoy shopping. While performing this job, you are required to purchase clothing for others without physically going to the stores.

A keen sense of trends and the ability to act swiftly to make purchases before product runs out are essential for success in this position.

9. Virtual assistant

Willing to aid in the organization of business owners and entrepreneurs? A position that does just that is working as a virtual assistant. This is one of those jobs that you can do from home that helps others by taking on quick but time-consuming activities that might otherwise put pressure on them.

Customer support task may be handled by a virtual assistant. They could manage calendars or make minor adjustments to webpages.

10. Transcriber

Add the transcriber role to your list if you’re thinking about jobs that you can do from home on a part-time basis. You must also have excellent listening and attention to detail abilities.

To turn audio files into text, a transcriber is employed. Many professionals, including those in medicine and podcasting, use this service.

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You must develop the capacity to listen and type simultaneously if you want to work in transcription. Although transcription may seem simple, this does not imply that it is the simplest work-from-home position. The need for it is substantial, nevertheless.

Frequently Asked Questions On Jobs That You Can Do From Home

1. What job has the most remote workers?

The Computer and IT sector came in first place, followed by the Marketing sector, among all other industries in the company’s category for remote work. Then, accounting and finance took third place.

2. Can I work remotely in Nigeria?

The current labor law (Labour Act 2004) does not include any provisions for home offices, and there are no specific rules for them in Nigeria.

3. Can I work remotely for a US company from Nigeria?

Yes, it is feasible to work remotely for a US company while living abroad, provided that both you and your employer are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

4. Which country is the best for remote workers?

Switzerland received a 7.62 out of 10 rating, with an NCSI score of 76.62, 93.56 percent of the population having a connection to the internet, and 70.43 5G hotspots per 100,000 residents.

5. Which African country is best to work remotely?

The top 5 cities for freelancers in Africa are Marrakech in Morocco, Nairobi in Kenya, Zanzibar in Tanzania, and Cairo in Egypt.


The above contains the top 10 jobs that you can do from home. Hope you have some insight now as to which one suits you best? With more versatility along with access to job possibilities from all over the world, remote work is undoubtedly now the new norm.

The finest remote jobs typically allow you to complete your hours when and how you choose, which makes them a more acceptable way to make a living for many people. Remote employment may be the flexible solution you need if you have duties to your family or other work that takes some of your time.

Additionally, let’s not forget that in tough economic times, numerous individuals rely on remote jobs to make ends meet.


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