Hannah Barron’s Biography: Net Worth, Age, Height, Parents, Husband

This is to inform the general public About Hannah Barron, The popular American social media user Hannah Barron is famous for sharing videos and pictures of herself out adventuring, hunting, and fishing. She has more than 320k YouTube subscribers and over 860k Instagram followers.

Hannah Barron

Hannah’s Biography

On July 3, 1996, Jeff Barron and Amy Sherer Tackett welcomed a daughter into the world. Her father fostered a love of hunting in her, and depending on the season, the two of them go out in search of deer, turkeys, or wild pigs.

When she was a young child, her parents divorced. She and her mom are still close. Her father appears in the majority of her hunting vlogs. She is in charge of editing her father’s YouTube videos as well. There isn’t much information about her mother.


She received her schooling at Troy University, a public university in Birmingham, Alabama, the city where she grew up. She earned a Bachelor of Science from the College of Communication and Fine Arts.


The social media celebrity has been hunting ever since she was a young girl. When she was a young girl, her father used to take her hunting. When she first started to walk, her father would take her to the woods, according to her. There are also pictures of her father holding a deer with one hand and holding her with the other while she is using a pacifier.

When she killed her first deer, she was just 8 years old. Hannah went hunting with her father, who made her wait for the ideal deer before pulling the trigger.

Barron became well-known because her cousin captured her playing with a fish. She uploaded the footage of herself teasing a 30-pound catfish to her Facebook and Instagram accounts. Over 15 million people have seen the over a minute-long video since it became popular online.

Personal Life

Her has a husband. Hunter Horton, her longtime partner and a Wildlife Adventist by profession, was married to her. The couple first got together in 2016 and began dating. After Horton proposed to her on December 20, 2018, he took their relationship to the next level. Following that, on December 30, 2018, their wedding took place after ten days.

However, the relationship ended in 2019 after they both divorced. So currently, Hannah Barron is very much single and has made no indication of venturing into another relationship. We wish her all the best though.

Hannah’s Age, Height and Weight

Hannah Barron, who will be 27 years old was born on July 3rd, 1996. She is 52 kg (115 lbs) tall and 1.52 m (five feet) wide.

Hannah’s Net Worth

As of 2022, Hannah Barron’s net worth was said to be $5 million. She has made a career as a social media star, which has been identified as her main source of income.

Is Hannah Barron active on social media?

Yes, Hannah Barron is very much active on social media.

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Is Hannah Barron Married?

No, she is not yet married. Hannah, though, became engaged to hunter Ryan Horton. In 2016, the couple announced their relationship on social media by sharing adorable pictures of one another. The marriage terminated in 2019

What year was Hannah Barron born?

She was born on Wednesday, July 3, 1996, and is 27 years old. American nationality, born in Crenshaw County, Alabama, sign of the Pisces, and living in the country.


Hannah Barron is an American outdoor enthusiast from Alabama who became well-known on social media due to her hunting, fishing, and general outdoor lifestyle content. She is famous for her sense of adventure, love of the great outdoors, and commitment to moral and lawful hunting and fishing methods.

Hannah Barron has grown a sizable following on social media, posting about her outdoor exploits, suggestions for hunting and fishing, and snippets of her private life. She has also worked with many hunting and fishing-related products and appeared on a number of television programs.

FAQs About Hannah Barron

Hannah Barron is from where?

Hannah Barron hails from the American state of Alabama’s Crenshaw County.

What does Hannah Barron do for a living?

American social media personality Hannah Barron is a hunter by trade.

Who is the husband of Hannah Barron?

Ryan Horton is Hannah Barron’s husband or spouse; they are currently divorced.

Who are the parents of Hannah Barron?

Jeff Barron is Hannah Barron’s father, and Lisa Barron is her mother.


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