Christean Rock Siblings: Meet Her Brothers, Sisters And Family

Christean Rock Siblings: Meet Her Brothers, Sisters And Family. In This Article, You Will Learn All About Christean Rock Siblings.

Christean Rock Siblings, Do you wish to know more about this particular celebrity? Or maybe you want to know more about her siblings and parents?

We are going to be discussing all about them right here in this post. So let’s get into it!

Christean Rock Siblings

About Christean Rock

Christian Rock, a well-known musician and prominent YouTuber, attracted a lot of attention when she disclosed that she was romantically involved with Blueface.

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The chaotic nature of Blueface and Rock’s relationship has been widely reported by the media.Her approximate $2 million net worth is hardly shocking. A diverse performer with popularity across several areas is Chrisean Rock.

The rapper has been spending time with his girlfriend despite his recent comments about his reservations about her reliability.

With over 62.3 million subscribers, Rock has her own YouTube channel where she posts lifestyle vlogs and music videos for her fans.

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She has put out a number of tracks as a singer, such as “Vibe,” “Word to my Brother,” “Lonely,” and “Rainy Days.” Notably, “Rainy Days,” one of her most recent songs, has received over 727,000 views on her YouTube page.

When she revealed her relationship with Blueface via a tweet on her official account, @ChriseanMalone, it quickly got viral.

One of Rock’s older brothers became interested in the ongoing drama between Blueface and his girlfriend, Chrisean Rock.

Rock’s brother publicly stated on Instagram Stories that he would be willing to return to prison to ensure his sister’s safety.

Christean Rock Siblings

Christean Rock Siblings

Chrisean Rock’s social media posts make it evident how much she loves her siblings.

She is one of the twelve children born to her mother, and she has eleven siblings.

Chrisean Rock has been quite private about her siblings and hasn’t given the media a lot of information about them.


In a recent YouTube video, Tesehki, the younger sister, and her father, Chrisean Rock’s older sister, provided some information about them. Atlanta-born Tesehki is not just a social media influencer but also a gifted musician.

Popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are where her influence is most seen. Here, she publishes her creative work and communicates with her audience in an active manner.

Growing up in Baltimore, she shared her childhood with her parents and eleven siblings.

Chrisean Rock Mom And Dad

Christean Rock Siblings

Chrisean Rock is from a family where her mother became a stay-at-home mom and her father was in the military. Chrisean’s heritage is a mixture of African descent, and they are a Christian group with their headquarters located in Baltimore.

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Chrisean was born and reared in Baltimore, but she has lived in different places all of her life. Her upbringing presented many difficulties and complexity.

She lost her house when she was nine years old, forcing her to live in a car while she went to school. Chrisean didn’t meet her father until she was seven years old, and her mother struggled with drug addiction.

She is proud of herself for conquering the obstacles life threw at her, in spite of all the challenges. Both her mother, Charla Malone, and father, Eugene Malone, were affected by the difficulties she faced, either directly or indirectly.

During a 2020 interview with Fox Baltimore, she talked about her childhood. Her father had served 11 years in prison, and she disclosed during the interview that she had seen her mother subjected to abuse.

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It’s important to note that her mother’s allegations were refuted by Chrisean Rock and Blueface, who charged her with trying to get attention by taking advantage of their distress.

Chrisean Rock Siblings

Christean Rock Siblings

With twelve siblings, Chrisean Rock comes from a huge family.

Tessa Malone, Terence Dorsey, Unique Dorsey, and eight additional siblings make up her siblings.

Chrisean’s siblings are arranged in birth order with her at position eleven. Chrisean has four brothers and seven sisters, which is the gender distribution.

From oldest to youngest, the following is a list of her siblings in ascending order:

  1. Terence Dorsey
  2. Unique Dorsey
  3. Sierra Dorsey
  4. Terine Malone
  5. Eugene Malone
  6. Tessa Manning Malone
  7. Obadiah Malone
  8. Latifa Malone
  9. Chastity Malone
  10. Pedey Malone
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FAQs About Christean Rock Siblings

1. How many siblings does Chrisean Rock have?

In a family with twelve children, she is the eleventh child. Chrisean has three half-siblings and eight biological siblings. After Charla married Eugene Malone, she gave birth to three children.

2. Is tesehki and chrisean sisters?

Since Rock got her pals to jump her on Instagram, Tesehki, Chrisean’s sister, has been honest about the status of their relationship.

3. What nationality is Chrisean?

Rapper and reality TV star Chrisean Rock, whose actual name is Chrisean Eugenia Malone, was born in the United States on March 14, 2000.

4. Why is Chrisean Rock famous?

Chrisean Malone, whose legal name is Chrisean Rock, has made a reputation for herself on social media. She is well known for her considerable presence on websites like YouTube and her musical abilities.

5. How rich is Chrisean Rock?

Her net worth of approximately $2 million is not surprising. Chrisean Rock is a multifaceted artist with success in numerous industries.


This article contains all the details you about her as you can see above. She has a total number of eleven siblings and this makes her family a really large one.

We hope this article was helpful to you ? Stay tuned for more updates like this one!

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