Patrick Meagher, ex-boyfriend of Stassi Schroder- Biography, Age, Networth

Patrick Meagher, ex-boyfriend of Stassi Schroder- Biography, Age, Networth. In This Article, You Will Learn All About Patrick Meagher. 

Patrick Meagher, Are you looking for more information on this journalist and radio personality? Do you want to know about the details of his ex-girlfriend and how they broke up?

Well, keep reading this article as we discuss more about him. Let’s get into it!

Patrick Meagher

Patrick Meagher

Radio personality Patrick Meagher shares a connection with Sirius Satellite XM Radio. He used to host The Wrap on Mad Dog Sports Radio in addition to the well-liked radio program Cocktails with Patrick.

When Patrick began dating popular TV personality Stassi Schroeder, he gained more prominence; however, on their fourth anniversary, Patrick abruptly ended their relationship.

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Patrick Meagher Age

His birthday is on March 2, 1979. He will be 45 years this march 2024.

His parents had a difficult marriage and separated when he was a young child. Patrick and his two sisters were given custody by his mother, who raised them in Michigan.

Patrick Meagher Instagram

Regarding his online persona, Patrick Meagher does not have a connection with any of the major social media networks. With nearly 40,000 followers, he exclusively manages the official Twitter account for his radio show, @TheWrapRadio. Along with sharing different types of content with his massive fan base, he uses it to advertise his professional projects.

Patrick Meagher Stassi

The popular TV personality Stassi, who starred in the show Vanderpump Rules, reportedly followed him on Twitter all summer and commented on his “soul mate” segment, which is how the couple first connected in 2013. Additionally, Stassi accepted that she had been an avid supporter of his show and that some of Patrick’s friends had come to see him.

Following his tweet, Patrick Meagher initiated a dialogue with the user. Their romantic connection had just started at this point. When they first met, Stassi recalled, it was almost magical, but sadly, the magic didn’t appear to endure for long as well.

The couple’s relationship was chaotic marked by several breaks and reconciliations. Patrick appeared to have grown disgusting taste for Stassi’s friends and their way of life. He tried to make her into the kind of girl he wanted, avoided spending time with her. They quarreled and fought all the time. On Vanderpump Rules, the sixth season featured highlights of all of this.

Patrick Meagher wife

He is currently not married yet.

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Patrick Meagher radio

Patrick Meagher is currently a co-host of “Sharp Money” with Amal Shah. Working for different radio stations, Patrick Meagher is a professional radio presenter who has made quite some money in the business. With nearly 40,000 followers, he exclusively manages the official Twitter account for his radio show, @TheWrapRadio.

Stassi Schroeder Patrick Meagher

Nastassia Bianca “Stassi” Schroeder is a 31-year-old American who was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on June 24, 1988. Her mother Dayna, a jewelry designer and proprietor of Georgi Jules Jewelry, and father Mark, an architect, reared her along with three siblings.

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She enrolled in acting classes at the age of eleven while attending the local high school, Mount Carmel Academy, where she also served as the president of the drama club. After moving to Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, she enrolled at Loyola Marymount University and earned a BA in English writing upon graduation.

In addition to being a reality television personality, Stassi spent a number of years fashion modeling for clothing brands. Throughout her modeling career, she was featured in publications like Vanity Fair, US Weekly, and 944. She was also on the covers of Pacific, Clé, and Millennium. She created her own clothing line with JustFab in July 2019 and her own capsule collection with accessories online retailer in December 2014.

Patrick Meagher net worth

Working for different radio stations, Patrick Meagher is a professional radio presenter who has made quite some money in the business. Based on position and experience, the approximate salary range for radio presenters is $23,259 to $91,611, according to multiple sources. Patrick’s true net worth is unknown, but it’s safe to suppose that his salary is very enticing.

Where is Patrick Meagher

Patrick Meagher is co-host of “Sharp Money” with Amal Shah. While with SiriusXM, he has hosted a variety of programs such as the popular “Cocktails with Patrick,” for Cosmo Radio and “The John Daly Show” on PGA Tour Radio, alongside the legendary golfer.

Patrick Meagher vanderpump rules

The popular TV personality Stassi, who also stars in the show Vanderpump Rules. During his brief appearance on the show (the sixth season finale), Patrick Meagher gave some unacceptable sexual remarks to Lisa Vanderpump. He added that he thought she had a “good ass” and that he enjoyed watching her go. To avoid upsetting Stassi more, Lisa had to pretend that she wasn’t upset by his offensive remarks.

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She would later speak out about their encounter and describe him a “moron,” but that was after he had ended his relationship with Stassi. After Lisa and Patrick had their encounter, he further distanced himself from the Vanderpump household. He suppressed her feelings by making sexually suggestive comments to her friend in front of Stassi, presumably to demonstrate his lack of interest in her.

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FAQs About Patrick Meagher, ex-boyfriend of Stassi Schroder- Biography, Age, Networth

1. Where is Patrick Meagher now?

Patrick Meagher is a co-host of “Sharp Money” with Amal Shah.

2. How much money does Stassi Schroeder make?

The approximate wealth of Stassi Schroeder is $2 million. Her popularity grew as a result of the Bravo reality series “Vanderpump Rules.” Schroeder has earns a variety of incomes from writing, acting, and fashion design.

3. What does Stassi’s husband Beau do for a living?

Clark began his professional life as a commercial and casting advertiser at Sanford Casting after starring in a few films, including DarkWolf (2003) and The Loneliness of the Long Distance Dreamer (2010).

4. Does Patrick Meagher have a Instagram?

His Instagram handle is (@psmeagher).  

5. Who is the highest paid on Vanderpump Rules?

According to Stassi Schroeder, an original cast member, Sandoval is one of the three highest-paid cast members on Vanderpump Rules behind executive producer Lisa Vanderpump. She is one of the three original main cast members still on the show, along with Katie Maloney and Scheana Shay.


This article contains all you need to know about this particular radio host and presenter, his relationship with his ex-girlfriend and what actually led to their breakup.

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