Cheapest Cars In South Africa 2023: Top 10 Most Affordable

This is to inform the general public About Cheapest Cars In South Africa, When buying a car, different people take a variety of factors into account. One of the most important factors is a car’s price, followed by its specifications and features.

Cheapest Cars In South Africa

Today’s South Africa views owning an automobile as a need rather than a luxury. For convenience, a lot of people are looking for the cheapest automobiles in South Africa.

Top 10 Most Affordable Cars In South Africa

1. Suzuki S-Presso 1.0 GL+ (R161,900)

The GL+ retains all of the GL’s specifications in addition to a seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system. Incuded also is a rear camera, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Bluetooth, and AUX / USB connectivity.

2. Suzuki S-Presso (R162,900)

The Suzuki S-Presso, which currently starts at R156 900, is the second vehicle on our list. It has been confirmed that economical mobility is still possible thanks to details about Suzuki Automobile. It is South Africa’s new, budget-friendly S-Presso lineup becoming public. The identical 1,0 liter, three-cylinder petrol engine found in the Celerio powers both the manual and automatic variants of the new S-Presso, which is manufactured in India.

With a choice of five gears, the Japanese model can now generate 50 kW at 5 500 r/min and 90 N.m at 3 500 r/min, delivering power to the front wheels. Suzuki claims that regardless of the cog-swapper setup, its vehicles typically use 4,9 L/100 km.

3. BAIC D20 hatch 1.5 Comfort (R169,990)

This is the next most affordable car in the top ten list, produced by BAIC. Similar to her 1.3-generation sister, the D20 1.5 offers the same features but with a bigger engine and more power.

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The car has a four-cylinder and 1.5-liter petrol engine in it. It also has a five-speed manual transmission and produces 85 kW/148 Nm which sends power to the front wheels. The 1.3 has a 661 km range and a comparable fuel consumption rate of 6.8 L/100 km, according to BAIC.

4. Mahindra KUV100 (R172,999)

The KUV100, which Mahindra debuted on the local market in 2016, immediately overtook other passenger vehicles as the brand’s top seller. The popular KUV (Kool Utility Vehicle) line has just undergone some significant upgrades from the Indian manufacturer. Beyond simply adding a Nxt extension, there have been cosmetic improvements, additional features, and the introduction of a K2 variation with fewer features. This upgrade has been put through its paces after the August 2016 issue’s assessment of the flagship G80 K8.

5. Suzuki Celerio (R178,900)

Suzuki South Africa timed the introduction of one of the most fuel-efficient new automobiles to the local market amid unusual fuel price hikes. Don’t be fooled by the Suzuki Celerio’s diminutive size; it actually boasts exceptional fuel efficiency, attractive style, and more interior room. Their small Celerio, which boasts a wealth of standard features and an enviable fuel economy, couldn’t have come at a better time.

Suzuki says that the Celerio’s 1,0-litre 3-cylinder normally aspirated engine, when coupled with an automatic transmission, can achieve a combined fuel economy of 4,2 L/100 km, while only producing 49 kW and 89 N.m. The GL we drove had a 5-speed manual transmission and was rated at 4,4L/100 km, but on our launch drive through the stop-and-go traffic of Johannesburg’s metropolitan core, we were only able to manage 5,3L/100 km. This high number will still satisfy the wallets of potential purchasers. Our list of the seven cheapest automobiles in South Africa has this as a fantastic addition.

6. Mahindra Bolero 2,5Di Single Cab (R192 999)

Despite being the cheapest pricing on our list, the Mahindra Bolero 2,5Di Single Cab Maxitruck Plus only sold 37 units in August. Due to the 2,5-liter four-cylinder engine’s lackluster power of 46 kW and 195 N.m, only a few number of the Indian-made utilitarian car were sold. For the money, it is a fantastic addition to our list of the least expensive vehicles in South Africa for people seeking a straightforward bakkie to tow comparatively modest weights.

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7. Suzuki Dzire (R193,900)

The Suzuki Dzire is a sedan that uses the same basis as the Suzuki Swift. As a result, there isn’t much of a pricing difference between the two models. The 1.2-liter engine and manual transmission system are standard on the Dzire model. It costs approximately R193,900.

8. Toyota Agya 1.0 (R196,100)

Toyota has made a name for itself as a trustworthy company. The Agya is a viable option to consider if you’re seeking for a Toyota vehicle at an economical price. A three-cylinder, one-liter petrol engine in this car cranks out 53kW and 93Nm of torque. The base model costs roughly R196,100 and sports a five-speed manual transmission system. Cheapest Cars In South Africa

9. Hyundai Atos (R199 900)

The Hyundai Atos was a crucial model in 2003 that helped the company strengthen its foothold in our market and elsewhere. One of the least expensive vehicles on the South African market, the Atos has a number of characteristics that make it ideal for daily driving. The Atos is an excellent choice for drivers on a tight budget because of its modest size and high fuel efficiency, making it ideal for city driving.

The only noticeable change from the previous model is a 120 mm increase in vehicle width. This might seem insignificant, but it avoids the awkward physical contact that might happen when driving a compact car, especially for passengers who are taller.

10. Kia Picanto (R209,995)

Since its introduction in 2003, the Kia Picanto, also known as the Kia Morning, has been a popular city car. It is one of the most cost-effective vehicles in modern South Africa. With a one-liter or 1.2-liter engine, the automobile comes in more than 10 trim levels.

The suggested retail price for the manual entry-level model is R209,995. Charges increase when trim level increases. Consider purchasing a used Kia Picanto from someone who is getting rid of one if you’re seeking for affordable used vehicles.

Which vehicle should I buy in South Africa as my first automobile?

Your first car should be based on your needs and budget. Check out the top 10 cars discussed in the list above if you’re seeking for compact, inexpensive vehicles.

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Are SMD vehicles authentic?

South Africa’s SMD is a reputable car-selling website. To locate affordable SMD automobiles and their pricing in 2023, buyers and sellers should search the website.

Which automobiles in South Africa are the least expensive?

The Volkswagen Up, Suzuki S-Presso, Datsun Go 1.2, Baic D20, and Tata Bolt 1.2 Turbo are some of the most cost-effective car models in the nation. The cost of brand-new models is not too expensive. To get even more affordable models, though, check out the auctions on the SMD cheap cars website.


Knowing how much cars cost might occasionally give you anxiety, especially if the cost of one car is double or more than your annual pay. You ponder how you could possibly purchase an automobile despite being aware that it is a need rather than a luxury.

We are appreciative to the automakers who offered reasonably priced, high-quality vehicles after realizing that not all fingers are made equally. Regardless of your economic level, these automobiles are the least priced you can find in South Africa without sacrificing quality or longevity. The next time you’re seeking to buy a cheap car, these possibilities are wonderful to consider.

FAQs About Cheapest Cars In South Africa

Which brand offers the best value?

Toyota is by far the most cost-effective brand. The second and third most affordable brands, Lexus and Scion, are both divisions of Toyota.

Which South African province has the most affordable cars?

The Western Cape, particularly Cape Town, is the least expensive province in South Africa to purchase a car, according to a recent analysis by Lightstone.

Why do cars cost so little in Johannesburg?

This is due to various elements that all serve to push down prices, including population density, supply availability, and market competitiveness.

What vehicle has become popular the most in South Africa?

Toyota Hilux

Naturally, the Toyota Hilux won the title of best-selling vehicle in February 2023. Toyota placed four vehicles among the top ten best-selling vehicles, including the Hilux in first place, the Toyota Corolla Cross in fourth, the Toyota Hi-Ace in seventh, and the Toyota Starlet in eighth.

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