What Time Does Mcdonald’s Stop Serving Breakfast ?

What Time Does Mcdonald’s Stop Serving Breakfast ? In This Article, You Will Find Out The Time Mcdonal Stops Serving Breakfast.

What Time Does Mcdonald’s Stop Serving Breakfast. Are you looking to visit Mcdonald’s anytime soon for breakfast? Do you wish to know the time they stop serving breakfast here?

Well, this article discusses all the details you are inquisitive about.

So, keep reading to find out the details!

What Time Does Mcdonald's Stop Serving Breakfast

What time does McDonald’s start serving breakfast?

Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day, as the saying goes.

If we’re being really honest, though, breakfast is also the hardest meal to eat because it’s already difficult to get out of bed in time for anything—work, school, or anything else—let alone fit in a meal on top of that.

That’s why McDonald’s breakfast is so damned tempting: after you leave the house, all you have to do to quell the rumbling in your stomach is stop by Mickey D’s, and presto! – task accomplished.

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Alternatively, we can tell you precisely when McDonald’s ends its breakfast service. Because, let’s face it—as much as we would like to think otherwise—All Day Breakfast is still not returning.

As a bonus, we also have a comprehensive overview of the fast-food chain’s breakfast menu so you can plan ahead and be ready.

In order to ensure that you’ll arrive at McDonald’s in time to receive just what you need to start your day off right, read on if you have a craving—and we know you do.

What time does McDonald’s start serving breakfast?

Customers “can often get (their) favorite breakfast item from the time (their) local restaurant opens until 10:30 or 11:00 AM local time,” a McDonald’s spokesperson said when asked about the duration of breakfast services.

McDonald’s breakfast menu

The list of McDonald’s current breakfast offerings can be found below, regardless of how often you visit the restaurant or how long it has been since you last went.

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit

Egg McMuffin

Sausage McMuffin

Sausage McMuffin with Egg

The Sausage Biscuit

Sausage Biscuit with Egg

Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddles

Sausage McGriddles

Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddles

Big Breakfast (biscuit, scrambled eggs, sausage and hash browns)

Big Breakfast with Hotcakes (biscuit, scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns and hotcakes)


Hotcakes and Sausage

Sausage Burrito

Hash Browns

Fruit & Maple Oatmeal

Egg McMuffin Meal (Egg McMuffin, hash browns and coffee)

Sausage McMuffin Meal (Sausage McMuffin, hash browns and coffee)

Sausage Biscuit with Egg Meal (Sausage Biscuit with Egg, hash browns and coffee)

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Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Meal (Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit, hash browns and coffee)

Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddles Meal (Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddles, hash browns and coffee)

Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddles Meal (Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddles, hash browns and coffee)

Big Sausage McGriddles meal (sausage McGriddles sandwich, hashbrowns and coffee)

Sausage Burrito Meal (Sausage Burrito, hash browns and coffee

Why does McDonald’s breakfast end early?

The restaurant claims that having a menu that is overly extensive results in higher drive-through wait times. It also claims to have cut breakfast in order to make things easier for its employees.

Did McDonald’s get rid of 24 hour breakfast?

Yes, and starting next month, McDonald’s won’t be reintroducing its all-day breakfast menu.

FAQs About What Time Does Mcdonald’s Stop Serving Breakfast ?

1. Do all McDonald’s serve breakfast till 11?

At 11:00 a.m. every day, McDonald’s ends breakfast and presents its regular menu. Depending on the opening and closing hours of your restaurant, branches provide burgers, chicken nuggets, and the rest of the regular menu until it closes.

2. Why does McDonald’s stop breakfast at 10?

For operational concerns with their cooking equipment and menu changes, McDonald’s has historically stopped serving breakfast at 10:30 AM.

3. Does McDonald’s do breakfast all day 2023?

We can find solace in the knowledge that we can still eat breakfast until 10:30 am, even if we will always complain of the loss of McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu, which was shut down in 2020.

4. What time is the McDonald’s normal menu?

When a McDonald’s restaurant opens, which is typically at 6 a.m. for restaurants that aren’t open 24/7, they begin offering the breakfast menu. But in most businesses, this ends at 11 a.m., which means the lunch menu starts.

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5. Is McDonald’s breakfast 10 30 or 11?

Depending on where your shop is, most McDonald’s serve breakfast from the moment it opens until 10:30 or 11 a.m. Some places are open around-the-clock.


This article has all the information about the time Mcdonald’s stops serving breakfast. We hope you are satisfied with the details of this blog post. Now you know the time, ensure to go early so that you won’t miss out next time.

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