151 Best Riddles For Adults That’ll Have You Scratching Your Head

151 Best Riddles For Adults That’ll Have You Scratching Your Head. In This Blog Post, You Will Discover The 151 Best Riddles For Adults That’ll Have You Scratching Your Head.

Best Riddles For Adults, Are you an adult looking for riddles and brain teasers you can play during your next gathering? Or maybe you are looking for a good compilation of these riddles to play with your elderly ones as a way of bonding with them?

Look no more as we will be discussing in details all you need to know about riddles for adults. Keep reading to find out more!

 Best Riddles For Adults

What are Riddles?

Statements or questions that pose a riddle to be solved are known as riddles. They frequently provide difficult entertainment since the reader must use critical thinking skills to determine the solution.

Riddles are a great way to connect with people, whether you’re looking for a brainteaser or a fresh and exciting way to break the ice during an introduction. For this reason, we believe it will be beneficial to have a list of the best riddles with answers in your back pocket (so to speak) for your next meet and greet.

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Best riddles for adults

1. What can you put in a bucket to make it weigh less?

Answer: A hole.

2. What is at the end of a rainbow?

Answer: The letter W!

3. What is the longest word in the dictionary?

Answer: Smiles, because there is a mile between each ‘s’.

4. If two snakes marry, what will their towels say?

Answer: Hiss and hers

5. How can you drop a raw egg from a height onto a concrete floor without cracking it?

Answer: Concrete floors are very hard to crack.

6. What is 3/7 chicken, 2/3 cat, and 2/4 goat?

Answer: Chicago!

7. Where do you take a sick boat?

Answer: To the dock-tor.

8. Why is Europe like a frying pan?

Answer: Because it has Greece at the bottom.

9. When is a door no longer a door?

Answer: When it’s ajar.

10. What tastes better than it smells?

Answer: Your tongue.

11. What building has the most stories?

Answer: A library.

12. What has a bottom at the top?

Answer: Your legs.

13. What has four wheels and flies?

Answer: A garbage truck.

14. What month of the year has 28 days in it?

Answer: All of them.

15. What kind of tree can you carry in your hand?

Answer: A palm!

16. What starts with T, ends with T, and has T in it?

Answer: A teapot.

17. Where is the only place where today comes before yesterday?

Answer: The dictionary.

18. What goes all around the world but stays in a corner?

Answer: A stamp.

Best funny riddles for adults

19. What has 13 hearts but no other organs?

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Answer: A deck of cards.

20. What comes at the end of everything?

Answer: The letter “g.”

21. What do the letter “t” and an island have in common?

Answer: They’re both in the middle of water.

22. What type of cheese is made backwards?

Answer: Edam.

23. What kind of ship has two mates but no captain?

Answer: A relationship.

24. Who has married many people but has never been married himself?

Answer: A priest.

25. If you throw a blue stone into the Red Sea, what will it become?

Answer: Wet.

26. Which word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly?

Answer: Incorrectly.

27. What has three feet but cannot walk?

Answer: A yardstick.

28. What do you call a nose that’s 12 inches long?

Answer: A foot.

Best riddles ever for adults

29. What begins with an “e” and only contains one letter?

Answer: An envelope.

30. I am easy to lift, but hard to throw. What am I?

Answer: A feather.

31. What has a neck but no head?

Answer: A bottle.

32. What has hands but cannot clap?

Answer: A clock.

33. What has to be broken before you can use it?

Answer: An egg.

34. What gets shorter as it grows older?

Answer: A candle.

35. What can you catch but never throw?

Answer: A cold.

36. What runs around a whole yard without moving?

Answer: A fence.

37. Which fish costs the most?

Answer: A goldfish.

38. What five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?

Answer: Short.

39. What has a face and two hands but no arms or legs?

Answer: A clock.

40. What has many keys but cannot open a single lock?

Answer: A piano.

Best riddles for adults with answers

41. What’s always found on the ground but never gets dirty?

Answer: A shadow.

42. What gets wet while drying?

Answer: A towel.

43. What has a head and a tail but no body?

Answer: A coin.

44. What is full of holes but still holds water?

Answer: A sponge.

45. What has many teeth but cannot bite?

Answer: A comb.

46. What has one head, one foot, and four legs?

Answer: A bed.

47. What goes up but never comes down?

Answer: Your age.

48. What can you find in a cupboard that can never be put in a saucepan?

Answer: Its lid.

49. What’s a single-digit number with no value?

Answer: Zero.

50. What gets smaller every time it takes a bath?

Answer: Soap.

51. What’s always running but never gets hot?

Answer: A refrigerator.

The best riddles for adults

52. What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment, and never in 1,000 years?

Answer: The letter “m.”

53. Throw away the outside and cook the inside, then eat the outside and throw away the inside. What is it?

Answer: Corn on the cob.

54. What 5-letter word typed in all capital letters can be read the same upside down?

Answer: SWIMS.

55. How do you spell “cow” in thirteen letters?


56. What do you see once in June, twice in November, and not at all in May?

Answer: The letter “e.”

57. What word is pronounced the same if you take away four of its five letters?

Answer: Queue.

58. What can fill a room but takes up no space?

Answer: Light.

59. What is so fragile that saying its name breaks it?

Answer: Silence.

60. What five-letter word has one left when two letters are removed?

Answer: Stone.

61. What has branches, but no fruit, trunk, or leaves?

Answer: A bank.

62. What word contains 26 letters but has only three syllables?

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Answer: The alphabet.

63. What do you bury when it’s alive and dig up when it’s dead?

Answer: A plant.

64. What can’t talk but will reply when spoken to?

Answer: An echo.

65. What is taken before you can get it?

Answer: Your picture.

Best riddle for adults

66. What do you throw out when you want to use it but take in when you don’t want to use it?

Answer: An anchor.

67. Four cars come to a four-way stop, each coming from a different direction. They can’t decide who got there first, so they all go forward at the same time. All 4 cars go, but none crash into each other. How is this possible?

Answer: They all made right-hand turns.

68. What do you lose the moment you share it?

Answer: A secret.

69. What thrives when you feed it but dies when you water it?

Answer: A fire.

70. What belongs to you but is used by everyone you meet?

Answer: Your name.

71. What do you buy to eat but never consume?

Answer: Cutlery.

72. What’s lighter than a feather but impossible to hold for much more than a minute?

Answer: Your breath.

73. What makes more as you take them?

Answer: Footsteps.

74. What never walks but always runs?

Answer: A river.

75. What’s bought by the yard and worn by the foot?

Answer: A carpet.

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Best riddles and answers for adults

76. A cowboy rides into town on Friday. He stays three days, then rides out of town on Friday. How?

Answer: His horse is named Friday.

77. If 2 is company and 3 is a crowd, what are 4 and 5?

Answer: 9.

78. Forward, I am heavy; backward, I am not. What am I?

Answer: A ton

79. What can you hold in your right hand, but never in your left hand?

Answer: Your left hand.

80. What gets broken without being held?

Answer: A promise.

81. You see a boat filled with people, yet there isn’t a single person on board. How?

Answer: All the people on the boat are married.

82. Two fathers and two sons are in a car, yet there are only three people in the car. How?

Answer: They are grandfather, father, and son.

101 best riddles for adults

83. If your uncle’s sister is not your aunt, then who is she to you?

Answer: Your mother.

84. Two people are born at the same moment, but they don’t have the same birthdays. How?

Answer: They were born in different time zones.

85. The person who made it doesn’t need it. Then the person who bought it doesn’t want it. The person who needs it doesn’t know it. What is it?

Answer: A coffin.

86. A man goes outside in the rain without an umbrella or hat but doesn’t get a single hair on his head wet. How?

Answer: He’s bald.

Best riddles for adults hard

87. A bus driver goes the wrong way down a one-way street. He passes the cops, but they don’t stop him. Why?

Answer: He was walking.

88. If you are running a race and pass the person in second, then what place are you in?

Answer: Second place.

89. If an electric train is traveling south, then which way is the smoke going?

Answer: There is no smoke—it’s an electric train.

90. You enter a room that contains a match, kerosene lamp, candle, and fireplace. What should you light first?

Answer: The match.

91. Poor people have it. Rich people need it. If you eat it you die. What is it?

Answer: Nothing.

101 best riddles for adults

92. A mother and father have four daughters, and each daughter has one brother. How many people are in the family?

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Answer: Seven.

93. David’s father has three sons. Two of them are named Snap and Crackle. What is the third son’s name?

Answer: David.

94. I have a head like a cat and feet like a cat, but I am not a cat. What am I?

Answer: A kitten.

95. If the day before yesterday was the 23rd, then what will be the day after tomorrow?

Answer: The 27th.

96. Whoever makes it doesn’t tell. Then whoever takes it doesn’t know. Whoever knows it doesn’t want. What is it?

Answer: Counterfeit money.

97. What common English verb becomes its own past tense by rearranging its letters?

Answer: Eat.

98. What was the biggest island in the world before the discovery of Greenland?

Answer: Greenland was always the biggest—people just didn’t know it yet.

99. A is B’s father but B isn’t A’s son. How?

Answer: B is A’s daughter.

100. What is one thing that all people, regardless of their politics or religion, have to agree is between heaven and earth?

Answer: The word “and.”

101. Two men are in a desert. They both have backpacks on. One of the guys is dead. The guy who is alive has his backpack open and the guy who is dead has his backpack closed. What is in the dead man’s backpack?

Best riddles for adults reddit

To read up riddles on reddit, visit here: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/1zcf9x/what_is_the_best_riddle_you_know/

Best riddles for adults dirty

1. What’s a four-letter word that ends in “k” and means the same as intercourse?


2. I come in a lot of different sizes. Sometimes, I drip a little. If you blow me, it feels really good. What am I?

Your nose.

3. You stick your poles inside me. You tie me down to get me up. I get wet before you do. What am I?

A tent.

4. What four-letter word begins with “f” and ends with “k,” and if you can’t get it you can always just use your hands?

A fork.

5. All day long it’s in and out. I discharge loads from my shaft. Both men and women go down on me. What am I?

An elevator.

6. I’m spread out before being eaten. Your tongue gets me off. Sometimes people lick my nuts. What am I?

Peanut butter.

7. What three-letter word starts with an “s,” ends with “x,” and has a vowel in the middle?


8. I start with a “p” and end with “o-r-n.” I’m a major player in the film industry. What am I?


9. When I go in, I can cause some pain. I’ll fill your holes when you ask me to. I also ask that you spit and not swallow. What am I?

Your dentist.

10. I assist with erections. Sometimes, giant balls hang from me. I’m known as a big swinger. What am I?

A crane.

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FAQs About 151 Best Riddles For Adults That’ll Have You Scratching Your Head

1. What can be touched but not seen?

Q:  What can be touched but can’t be seen? A: Someone’s heart.

2.What is always in front of you but can’t be seen?

Answer: The correct answer is The future. Explanation: This question is based on Riddle.

3. What has many teeth but can’t bite?

As per the riddle, a comb has teeth but it can’t bite. Other inanimate objects with teeth like a saw, zipper, or gear can bite you. Hence comb is the correct answer.

4. What can a child make but never see or hold?

Kids can make it, but never hold it or see it. What is it? Noise. What has to be broken before you can eat it

5. What has golden hair and stands in the corner?

What has golden hair and stands in the corner? A broom.


There are a lot of options for you to choose from here. you can choose to play this riddle game among your friends or with adults.

We really hope you found this article useful? Do stay tuned to our site for more updates like this!

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