NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal| How To Access NPC Recruitment Portal Login

NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal| How To Access NPC Recruitment Portal Login. In This Blog Post, You Will Discover How to Access NPC Recruitment Portal Login.

NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal. Have you been wondering when the portal will be open for the Npc adhoc staff recruitment? Well this article discusses all you need to know about the requirements, login details and portal.

During the portal launch in Abuja, Nasir Isa-Kwarra, the Chairman of the National Population Commission, made this point quite evident. He emphasized how crucial it is to have the most skilled workers possible doing the census.

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NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal

NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment

In preparation for the 2023 national population and housing census, the National Population Commission has officially open its e-recruitment platform. This platform will be utilized to hire temporary employees.

The Census Manager, Inuwa Jalingo, announced that a competitive, equitable, and transparent procedure would be necessary for the roughly 25 million applications the Commission expects to receive for the available positions. According to him, the goal of implementing an e-Recruitment strategy is to guarantee a large number of applications from all over the nation, minimize bias, and guarantee that all eligible Nigerians have an equal chance to apply, get hired, and that no one is left behind.

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For the following categories, the National Population Commission is accepting applications from qualified individuals to work as ad hoc workers during the 2023 Population and Housing Census:

  1. Facilitators
  2. Field Coordinators
  3. Training Centre Administrators
  4. Monitoring & Evaluation Officers
  5. Data Quality Managers
  6. Data Quality Assistants
  7. Supervisors
  8. Enumerators
  9. Special Workforce

NPC Recruitment Requirements

General Application Requirements are:

  • National Identification Number
  • Valid and Functional Gmail Account
  • Valid and Functional Phone Number
  • Valid and Functional /Operational Commercial Bank Account (No student/NYSC Account)
  • Valid Educational Qualifications.
  • Access to and knowledge on the use of computers, tablets & smartphones is an added advantage.
  • Referees

How to Apply for NPC Recruitment

NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal

Select “Start as ad-hoc staff” after clicking the “Start Application” button.

NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal

To accept instructions, check each box, and then click the “Proceed” button.

NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal

Proceed after accepting the terms and conditions.

NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal

Enter your NIN in the necessary column, then select Verify.

NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal

You will receive a verification success notification if you provide an accurate NIN. We recommend that you keep your Application ID safe. In order to move on to the next stage, click the Ok button.

NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal

Submit the National Population Commission (NPC) application.

NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal

NPC Recruitment Screening Procedure

Candidates would be examined and screened by the Recruitment Review Team based on their NIN, documentation (school certificates), and photo passport.

Using the portal, first-level screening would be carried out by sifting the applications according to the specified criteria.

The LGA’s authorized centers would be the sites of physical screening.
The elements of the LRRT are:

  • LGA Comptroller Chairman
  • One NPC Desk Officer Secretary
  • Designated LGA Staff
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Potential Only residents of the areas where they are applying on the census portal will be assigned as ad hoc personnel.

NPC Website

Follow the directions on this page to learn how to complete the NPC Adhoc staff application form using the site.

Take Note:

  • Applicants ought to have the necessary credentials.
  • From November 7 to November 13, 2022, the e-recruitment portal will be temporarily unavailable due to an internal evaluation of the hiring procedure.
  • There is no cost to use the application. Watch out for online scammers!

How much is NPC recruitment form?

There is no cost that comes with using the application. The application for the National Population Commission’s (NPC) 2023 hiring is free!

What Positions are available?

Openings are available for Facilitators, Field Coordinators, Training Centre Administrators, Monitoring & Evaluation Officers, Data Quality Managers, Data Quality Assistants, Supervisors, Enumerators and Special Workforce

How can I retrieve my Access Code/ Application ID?

If you haven’t finished your application, use your NIN to start over. After your application is successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation message with your Application ID.

FAQs. About NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal

1. How can resume my application without having my access code?

To continue, use NIN. To continue with an application, one needs either an Application ID or a NIN.

2. How can check my application status?

Press the “Check Application Status” button. But be aware that the application window must close before you can view the status of your application.

3. What is the minimum education qualification to apply?]

The minimum education qualification to apply for these positions is SSCE. Once you already have your SSCE, you are good to go. But if you don’t have it, it will be very hard for you to appy or even impossible.

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4. What is the minimum age to apply?

The minimum age to apply for these positions is 18 years. Peradventure you are below 18, you are automatically disqualified.

5. How much is NPC ad hoc staff paid?

According to NPC, the primary wage of its ad hoc employees will be disbursed following the conclusion of the census process. Depending on the role, the average basic or main salary for a census worker varies from N50,000 to N250,000.


This post discusses in details all you need to know about applying for the available positions. You can go ahead to their website find out more details and start your application process right away.

You need to be aw3are of all the requirements to avoid disqualification and ensure a smooth processing of your application. Wish you the best of luck!

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