In 6 Easy Steps, Learn How to Edit a Zoom Recording Video

Companies are increasingly leveraging video conferencing tools to ensure seamless productivity as remote work becomes more popular around the world.

Zoom, a cloud-based video chat tool, has proven to be invaluable to businesses of all sizes. Zoom is used by both businesses and academic institutions for live conference calls.

Zoom’s best feature is that it improves business communications without requiring a large financial investment.

We can effectively collaborate with remote teams from almost anywhere in the world using Zoom.

Zoom recordings, like other types of content, necessitate some basic video editing.

We don’t need a professional video-making degree to edit Zoom recordings, contrary to popular belief.

However, editing a Zoom video can appear to be a difficult task if you have no prior experience. But there is no need to be concerned because technological advancements have made things much easier over the years.

To make the necessary edits to Zoom recordings, we can use a free online video editor.

We’ll now go over the six simple steps for editing a zoom recording from scratch.

1. Selecting a dependable video editor

The first step in editing Zoom recordings is to select a powerful and dependable video editor.

Because the internet is flooded with a plethora of video editing tools, we must take the time to select the editor that best meets our needs.

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We can read online reviews for different video editors to help us make the best decision.

The best editing tools have a simple and intuitive interface that allows us to get started quickly.

Aside from being simple to use, the online video editor provides pre-made unique video templates.

We can quickly select a pre-made template for our Zoom recordings. These tools can also add media files up to 100GB in size and create videos up to 40 minutes in length.

We must remember that our choice of video editor will have a significant impact on the success of our overall editing efforts.

2. Creating a catchy Zoom recording intro

After we’ve decided on a video editor, the next step is to create a catchy intro that will immediately capture the attention of viewers.

Videos that lack a high-quality introduction are often boring to watch. The majority of people will skip over videos with boring intros.

So, pay special attention to this segment and craft an engrossing introduction for the Zoom recording.

3. Elimination of background noise

There will always be some background noise in our Zoom recordings, no matter how hard we try.

But we don’t have to worry because online video editors have advanced features for removing background noises from content.

An online video editor can help us quickly remove pops and hisses from recordings.

The sound in the recordings will be much clearer once the background noise has been removed.

4. Reduce the length of your Zoom recording

Human attention span has indeed decreased significantly over time. Long-form video content is becoming less popular as people’s attention spans have shrunk dramatically.

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Another issue is that people are pressed for time, so they are unable to watch lengthy recordings.

As a result, in order to easily capture the attention of viewers, we must keep our recordings short and sweet.

Using a free online video editor, we can remove unwanted segments from our Zoom recordings.

5. Include relevant subheadings

Many times, people struggle to understand what is being said in a recording. This could be due to a variety of factors such as major accent differences, a lack of clarity, and so on.

Subtitles can help in this situation. To ensure that the content we deliver is easily understood, we must include relevant subtitles in our Zoom recordings.

Subtitles can be extremely useful for people who watch videos without sound.

What’s great is that we can easily add subtitles to our recordings using a web-based video editor.

Just make sure the subtitles are in sync with the content of the Zoom recording, or else the final product may be a little sloppy.

6. Add a distinctive logo to Zoom recordings

Adding custom logos is one of the best ways to personalize and distinguish recordings.

A logo provides our brand with a personalized identity that can quickly distinguish us from competitors.

People will be able to identify our brand more easily if our videos have a cool logo.

A logo will not only help build brand recognition but will also greatly increase the appeal of the content. The good news is that we don’t need to hire a professional to design our logo.

With the help of a powerful online video editor, we can easily create stunning logos in minutes.

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The logo we create must be relevant to your brand, or else our viewers may struggle to connect with us.

While we can place the logo wherever we want, consider placing it in the top right or bottom right corner of the screen for the greatest impact.


We can enhance our Zoom recordings in a variety of ways by using custom logos, special effects, GIFs, music, and so on. To make our recordings look more professional, we must use a powerful online video editing tool.

Given the abundance of video editors available online, we must exercise extreme caution when making our choice.

Furthermore, we need a good device and a fast internet connection to edit recordings without difficulty.

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