How Do You Survive In The UK As A Nigerian 2024: Top 10 Tips

How Do You Survive In The UK As A Nigerian 2024: Top 10 Tips. In This Article, You Will Discover All You Need To Know About Surviving In The UK As A Nigerian In 2024.

How Do You Survive In The UK. Are you looking forward to studying in the UK anytime soon as a Nigerian student? Maybe you are looking for ways you can live and survive in the UK peacefully without stress?

This article has the answers to all those questions in your head. Just keep reading to find out more!

How Do You Survive In The UK

How Do You Survive In The UK As A Nigerian 2024: Top 10 Tips

The United Kingdom has an irresistible appeal to many Nigerians because of its rich history, multicultural population, and top-notch educational institutions. But there are also unique opportunities, challenges, and experiences that come with being a Nigerian in the UK.

Here are some things you can do for your survival:

  • Securing the Right Visa
  • Financial readiness
  • Housing Considerations
  • Access to Healthcare
  • Cultural Assimilation
  • Legal Awareness
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Building a Support Network
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Let us discuss them in details below:

1. Securing the Right Visa

Getting the right visa is essential for Nigerians to have a successful visit to the UK. The reason for the visit will determine what kind of visa is necessary. Notably, for those seeking educational possibilities, the Tier 4 (General) student visa is a popular option.

Obtaining this visa requires meeting certain qualifying requirements, like having an acceptance offer from a UK educational institution. Maintaining legal status in the UK also requires being aware of when visas expire and starting the application procedure ahead of time.


2. Financial Readiness

The UK can be expensive, especially in big cities like London. Therefore, careful financial preparation is necessary. An essential first step is to create a thorough budget that takes into consideration all possible costs, such as textbooks, tuition, housing, food, and transportation.

Unexpected financial difficulties might be lessened by being prepared for changes in inflation and currency exchange rates. Additionally, looking for scholarships specifically designed for overseas students from Nigeria can offer significant financial assistance.

3. Housing Considerations

Selecting the ideal accommodation is essential for a relaxing and successful visit to the UK. Every option, including privately rented off-campus housing, homestays, shared apartments, and on-campus student dormitories, has advantages and disadvantages of its own.

Considerations such as ease of access to public transportation, safety, and meal included, as well as closeness to the institution, should be carefully evaluated. It’s best to start looking for a place to stay well in advance, especially in well-known college towns.

4. Access to Healthcare

It is crucial that you stay healthy when visiting the UK. The nation’s all-inclusive healthcare system is provided by the National Health Service (NHS). The NHS may provide healthcare coverage to international students, depending on the type and term of their visa.

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It is essential that you register with the NHS as soon as you arrive in order to receive healthcare services. An NHS number is generated by this registration and is required for making appointment, getting medical attention, and filling prescriptions.

5. Cultural Assimilation

Getting to know British culture is a must for everyone visiting the UK. It is extremely beneficial to actively engage with British traditions, practices, and social conventions as well as to embrace fresh viewpoints.

Engaging in nearby communal gatherings, becoming a member of ethnic associations, and establishing relationships with both domestic and foreign pupils can augment the whole experience. You can click here to find out more:

6. Legal Awareness

Studying in the UK requires Nigerian students to follow all laws and regulations. It is crucial to comprehend the immigration laws that apply to the type of visa that one has. This includes being aware of visitation regulations, reporting requirements, the length of stay, and any employment limitations. Keeping all of your paperwork current, especially your visas, is necessary.

7. Employment Opportunities

While studying in the UK, a lot of international students—including those from Nigeria—look for part-time jobs to help pay for their living expenses. It is very important to know the restrictions listed on your visa. You can increase your income and gain useful work experience by actively looking for part-time jobs in and around your school.

How Do You Survive In The UK

8. Building a Support Network

Building a network of support while residing in the UK is quite beneficial. Making connections with Nigerian and foreign student organizations at your campus can provide networking possibilities, shared experiences, and helpful advice.

It can also be quite helpful to make use of the resources that the office for international students offers.

How much do I need in my account for a UK student visa from Nigeria?

The location of your studies will determine how much money you require. You will require either: Courses in London cost £1,334 per month (for a maximum of nine months). Courses outside of London cost £1,023 per month (for a maximum of nine months).

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What attracts you to the UK?

The UK has a fascinating past and stunning scenery. There’s always something to do and a diverse nightlife. You will always find something to do in the UK, no matter where you study. One can visit various places such as pubs, art galleries, marketplaces, sports arenas, concerts, and concerts when not studying.

FAQs About How Do You Survive In The UK As A Nigerian 2024

1. How can Nigerians  Survive In The UK?

You need to be eligible for a UK visa in order for a Nigerian citizen to reside in the UK. This entails filling out an online application and providing accurate documentation along with personal data.

2. Why is studying in UK better than Nigeria?

A rich cultural legacy, internationally renowned universities, top-notch instruction, and a diverse student body are just a few of the factors that draw international students to study in the UK.

3. What does a Nigerian need to study in UK?

The necessary documents are:
  • Copy of passport/visa (if available)
  • Academic transcript.
  • Certificate of graduation.
  • Certificate of English proficiency – IELTS/TOEFL/PTE Test/Other.
  • Personal statement.
  • Reference letters.
  • CV (if applicable)

4. Why are people moving to UK from Nigeria?

Many job opportunities: Because of the severe talent shortage in the UK, industries are looking for highly skilled professionals to come and work there. Given Nigeria’s high unemployment rate, prospective employees would be wise to consider working overseas.

5. How long can Nigerian students stay in UK?

Future Nigerian students who wish to study in the UK can apply for a UK student visa. You can stay in the UK for the duration of your education with it. Generally speaking, this translates to a maximum of two years for studies below degree level or five years for degree level study.


This article covers all the information on what you need to know about surviving in the UK as a Nigerian student. Go through it thoroughly so you see ways you can make things work out and not get stranded.

Overcoming cultural barriers on this incredible adventure can lead to personal growth and unforgettable experiences during your time in the UK, which could be enlightening and life-changing.

Hope you found this article helpful? Stay tuned for more updates like this one!

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