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German Shepherd Specification and Price In Nigeria. In This Article, You Will Learn Of The German Shepherd Specification & Price In Nigeria.

German Shepherd Specification. German shepherd dogs are currently one of the most common dog breeds in Nigeria, and for good reason. The intelligence of the breed makes them one of the most popular pets for many. Aside from the fact that they are frequently purchased for security purposes.

They are highly regarded and sought after for numerous reasons, including their unmatched adaptability, bravery, and commitment.

Here, we’ll look at some of the German shepherd dogs that is now available in Nigeria.

German Shepherd Price

The actual price of German shepherd dogs in Nigeria is difficult to predict. This is due to the fact that a variety of factors. Including the age of the dog, determine the pricing of different breeds of dogs. its pups typically cost less than adult dogs.

Accordingly, depending on the location and age of the dog, adult dogs can be acquired for anywhere from N350,000 and N450,000. For mature dogs, other factors that affect price include how well-trained the dog is and who trained the dog.

German Shepherds: About this breed

One of the top three most common dog breeds in Nigeria today and among the most popular worldwide is the Dog. Also known as the Alsatian Dog in various regions of the world.

When viewed in outline, the dog breed, which can reach heights of over 25 inches at the shoulder, presents a picture of evenly pleasing curves rather than the customary angles.

There are several reasons why they are among the canine royalty that stand out. They are one of the most faithful and brave dog breeds, say specialists. Their high capacity for learning and willingness to risk their lives to protect their loved ones have increased their value to their owners.

Over time, their self-assurance and intelligence have been put to the test and trusted. Although there is a school of thinking that holds that they can be extremely unfriendly when not around known people, they can be tranquil family pets when surrounded by loved ones and loyal guardians.

Although it possess traits that make them the best pet dogs imaginable, it should be mentioned that not everyone will like having one. They are typically very active dogs who require a lot of activities and exercise. Without them, it wouldn’t take the dogs as long to vent their boredom and irritation in obnoxious ways. They might begin barking nonstop, which would likely be upsetting and uncomfortable.

Caring for German Shepherd dogs


You should feed your German shepherd the daily nourishment it needs for healthy growth. If you are unsure of what to feed your dogs, it is crucial that you see a veterinarian or a reputable dog food retailer to find out exactly what you should feed your German Shepherds.

Dogs are primarily carnivores, therefore you should provide them with meat, including fish, cattle, lamb, chicken, and turkey, as these are suitable sources of protein. Eggs and vegetables with protein can also be offered to your Alsatian dog. Only seldom a week should you give your dog organ meats like liver and kidney.


it dogs have a thick coat, which causes them to shed a lot. To avoid having hair all over the house, it is recommended that you properly brush the dogs outside of the house once or twice a week.

A monthly nail trim or grind is highly advised if the dog’s nails do not naturally wear down because overly long nails might hurt and bother your Alsatian dog structurally. Occasional shampooing is also advised.


Although Alsatian dogs often have good health, it is nevertheless advisable for dog owners to watch their pets carefully and note any changes they may go through. You should visit the vet as soon as you suspect your dog may be ill.


Training your German Shepherd to socialise and recognize faces is important so it can distinguish between family members and other people. They can be trained to behave nicely when they see a strange face while retaining their protective demeanour


FAQs about German Shepherd Specification & Price In Nigeria

1. How is German Shepherd in Nigeria?

German Shepherds make excellent guard dogs, police dogs, service dogs, and guide dogs (for the blind). Due to their protective, kind, devoted, and fearless natures, German Shepherd puppies and dogs can make wonderful additions to Nigerian families.

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2. What are the qualities of a German Shepherd?

Character is what sets them apart—loyalty, bravery, self-assurance, the capacity to pick up new commands quickly and the readiness to risk their lives to protect loved ones.

3. How much is a German Shepherd in Naira?

Accordingly, depending on the location and age of the dog, adult German shepherd dogs can be acquired for anywhere from N350,000 and N450,000.

4. Is German Shepherd a strong dog?

They have a sleek, athletic form that makes them both powerful and agile, and a brown and black coat that distinguishes them from other species.

5. How can you tell a good German Shepherd puppy?

The most important quality that a German Shepherd puppy should have is a positive disposition.


This article discusses all about the German Shepherd Specification and price in Nigeria. All you need to know before buying this particular specie is in this article.

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