Top 10 Online Customer Service Training Tools In 2023

Top 10 Online Customer Service Training Tools In 2023. You Will Learn About The Top 10 Online Customer Service Training Tools In This Blog Post.

Are you wondering what the online customer service training tools is all about? Are you a newbie in this field? Or perhaps a business owner looking to learn more about customer service?

In this post, we will discuss in details everything about it. Let’s Go!

Online Customer Service Training Tools

Top 10 Online Customer Service Training Tools

We have put together a selection of online customer service training tools to make sure that your company or business offers exceptional customer service. They are:

1. EdApp

EdApp is an online customer service training tool that has all the features those looking for top-notch online customer service training tools require. A course library for learning customer service skills is included in the bundle. It contains lessons on handling complaints, call center customer service, and effective customer service communication.

These open courses can be customized and include top-notch resources. The skills necessary for working in a contact center are taught in courses like this, including how to engage with customers effectively and address their issues.

Cost: Free

2. iglooo

It enables you to make your customer service training sessions entertaining. To assess the knowledge of your teams, you can design several types of activities using this e-learning interaction builder.

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Additionally, igloo enables real-time editing, so you may edit your interactions as you go.

Cost: Free, paid plan starts at 9.99 USD/month

3. Enyota Learning

It is an online customer service training tool for customer service professionals. You can use this area to allow your personnel to experience your company without having to leave their homes.

It is also possible to conduct training in risk-free virtual environments where students can experiment and make mistakes that will teach them something. If you don’t have enough time to create the training yourself, Enyota Learning can do it for you.

Cost: Available upon request

4. Axonify

This is the online customer service training tool that makes provision of supplementary training resources that are beneficial and pertinent to staff dealing with clients is Axonify’s area of expertise.

They offer a content market where you can import already customized training modules and customize them as you see fit.

They have a team of expert instructional designers that can create courses just for you if none of these options satisfy your demands.

Cost: Available upon request

5. BranchTrack

The best option is BranchTrack if you require an  online customer service training tool that can also produce scenario-based training materials. With the help of its browser-based simulation builder, you can design branching scenarios that are ideal for simulating relationships among clients and staff.

Cost: Free, paid plans (starts at 999 USD/year)

6. Compono

The modular design of Compono’s course builder makes it simple to develop brand-new courses from start or import SCORM courses made in other settings.

You can create training route forms that direct participants to the relevant content at the right moment, such as path modules that resemble pick-your-own-adventure games.

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Cost: Available upon request

7. AcademyOcean

AcademyOcean is an online customer service training tool that allows you to develop courses for your training sessions. You can submit any type of content here, including text, photos, slideshows, videos, and music, or you can start from scratch and create your classes.

Additionally, it has a quiz creator for creating fun buyer-seller games. Any desktop or mobile device may use AcademyOcean, thereby rendering it simple for learners to do their coursework anywhere they are.

Cost: Starts at 225 USD/month

8. Proprofs

Utilizing ProProfs, an online customer service training tool made particularly for customer service instructors. You can quickly and effectively create engaging and effective training materials. Using the built-in course maker, you may create your own courses and quizzes by choosing from a variety of prepared themes and material.

Proprofs’ subscription course library has ready-to-use courses on a variety of themes if you’d prefer not to build a customer service course from beginning.

Cost: Starts at USD 25/month

9. WorkRamp

WorkRamp is an all-inclusive online customer service training tool that also functions as support staff education software. Its online course library has resources you may utilize for training, like lectures on effective communication, product knowledge, and proper customer service.

You can create personalized paths to learning depending on the roles and degrees of competence of your team to further guarantee that they obtain the necessary information.

Cost: Available upon request

10. etrainu

An online customer service training tool etrainu offers thorough, expertly designed courses on delivering top-notch customer service. Their team consists of professionals in several fields, and

If necessary, you can ask for custom e-learning production. The built-in library of etrainu can hold documents that have been uploaded to it.

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Reports on completion of courses and progress can help you assess a staff member’s performance because it might highlight any training or expertise deficits.

Cost: Available upon request

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Customer Service Training Tools

1. Which instruments are used to determine client needs?

  • If you go above and above for your customers, they will probably continue to come back on a frequent basis.
  • Customer service (and relationship) management using a tried-and-true quality management system (QMS).
  • Communicating directly.
  • Management and collection of feedback.

2. Which accreditation is more beneficial for customer service?

CCSM. After completing the Certified Customer Service Manager (CCSM) program, you can have a thorough understanding of the ideas underpinning good customer service and the customer lifecycle.

3. What are the customer service “5 A’s”?

The 5As—apologies, recognize, appreciation, action, and audit—are all that are required. The first thing you should do if a customer calls in upset is to apologize.

4. What tool is for understanding customers?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management), a system of linked technologies and strategies to improve interactions with clients, is one of the most cutting-edge tools used by businesses.

5. What are the top 5 components of excellent customer service?

Skills that your customer service representatives must possess are:

  • Patience.
  • Being a good listener.
  • Attentiveness.
  • Management of time.
  • Ability to Develop.


To sum it up, the top 10 online customer service training tools that are available in 2023 are indeed priceless assets for companies and business owner.

They offer a practical and economical solution to train representatives for customer service and guarantee they have the abilities and information required for success. These solutions provide a range of capabilities, including configurable material, interactive learning modules, and thorough reporting.

Using these technologies, companies can guarantee that their customer care representatives are knowledgeable and equipped to deal with questions and concerns from clients. By decreasing the requirement for in-person training, these technologies can also assist businesses in saving both money and time.


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