Top 30 Hairstyles for Baby Girls in 2024

Hairstyles for Baby

ln this post Top 30 Hairstyles for Baby Girls in 2024, It can be difficult to style a toddler’s natural hair because they might have a different hair texture than you or their older siblings. They might not always be willing to endure a hair styling procedure.

Therefore, it’s important that you, as mothers, keep things straightforward and refrain from applying pressure just yet. When your daughter gets older, you’ll be able to test out several hairstyles on her.

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Hairstyles for Baby Girls

I’ll provide you 30 adorable and simple natural hairdo suggestions in this post that you may try on your toddler’s hair.

Hairstyles for Baby Girls

These toddlers’ natural hairstyles come in a variety of looks to suit your child’s temperament, the amount of free time you have, your daughter’s hair length and texture, and—most importantly—your level of hair styling expertise.

 Hairstyles for Baby Girls

1. Natural Curly Cornrow & Pineapple Topping

Under the enormous puff, the cornrows were weaved. You can style the puff at the top whichever you like. Applying hair oil diluted with water on a daily basis may help you achieve a curl on top of the style. Unquestionably, one of the best girl’s hairstyles for weddings is cornrows.

2. Natural Heavenly Puff

Your little girl will look like a queen with this sophisticated haircut. Natural Heavenly Puff has two puffs that are positioned closely together. Making this hair is difficult since it demands regular attention. Nevertheless, one of the best baby haircuts is this one.

3. Natural Mini Mouse Buns

Are you trying to find the greatest hairstyles for round-faced girls? then give this hairstyle a shot. Another baby hairstyle with Minnie Mouse inspiration is Mini Mouse Buns. Your daughter will feel particularly special and unforgettable because to this simple to create and maintain buns design.

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4. Cute pigtails

Mothers enjoy it when their daughters wear pigtails and ponytails with their natural hair because these hairstyles go well with a range of scrunchies and outfits. They also perform best at events. Nigeria’s top 20 area rugs, runners, and pads, along with their costs

African pigtail hairstyles also last longer when natural hair and braids are blended. Do this on school days since you might not have time to regularly trim her hair.

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5. Mohawk baby face hairstyles

African mohawk haircuts on young girls give them a smart, stylish, and modern feeling. A gorgeous Mohawk style can be created by combining natural cornrows and hair extensions. Children who frequently complain that their long hair is getting in the way of their faces are fans of the mohawk.

Mohawks are very fashionable since they are artistic and appealing. You might encourage your daughter to wear them to help her feel more confident and self-assured. A pretty little girl with a mohawk gets lots of pleasant compliments.

6. Braids for kids

Children love wearing long braids with curls or beads because they make their friends take notice of them. Braiding is a popular kid’s hairdo for girls. Kids wear box braids in a range of colors and lengths. You can tie the strands up in buns, pigtails, ponytails, etc.

All girls should feel beautiful because they are princesses. Allowing your child to have braids will allow her to experience this and enjoy her childhood.

Allow a certified hairstylist to work her magic if you are unable to create the masterpiece your child desires. Though attractive, hefty braids could be too much for your child’s head.

7. Buns and ponytails for girls

Put the hair on your daughter in thin or medium-sized cornrows. Create hair extensions with braids at the end of each cornrow, and then knot the extensions into one, two, or three buns. As an alternative, you might let the extensions dangle and dress your hair in a ponytail.

When a little girl wears these outfits, she feels like a princess. You can utilize your imagination and ingenuity or select from a range of cornrow patterns. You can also arrange your natural hair into buns and pigtails with synthetic hair extensions.

hairstyles for 2 year old baby girl

A bun or ponytail with scrunchies looks beautiful. For girls who are energetic and playful, these hairstyles are the most useful. Allow them to play for however long they want. They won’t harm their hair because these hairstyles last for weeks.

8. Maxi cornrows for girls

For a stunning hairstyle on girlies, create two broad cornrows that extend from the front to the rear of the head. Both grown women and young girls like the Dutch braid style’s fashionable appearance. It also adds volume and extensions to the hair.

In crown braid styles, two cornrows are braided together to mimic a crown. You can ingeniously build a variety of Ghanaian cornrow crown designs with braids of different colors.

9. Black kids’ hairstyles with beads

Beads can be used by hair stylists to create distinctive hairstyles. Any naturally braided hairstyle can be made more appealing by adding beads. You may bring out your daughter’s playful side by decorating her hair with bright beads. Permit her to choose any colors she wants.

She can buy extra beads so she can match her jewelry to other outfits. It is unlikely that another child’s hairstyle will look exactly like yours if you use the beads creatively.

10. Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA) with a cute bow

Apply a leave-in conditioner spray to her hair, then fluff it up with your fingers to achieve this look. Add a hair bow, flower clips, headband, or any other preferred hair accessory to enhance the look.

11. Natural Angel Buns For Little Girls

Another elegant child’s haircut that is excellent for special events and occasions is this one. Your baby girl will appear sophisticated, grown-up, and self-assured thanks to these kid’s haircuts for girls.

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12. Afro puff with a headband

Use an edge control gel to define her edges if you prefer sharp edges. Then, accessorize this sweet and straightforward hairdo with a lovely headband of your choice.

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13. Flat twists with double puffs

For toddlers with medium-length hair, this look is ideal. Add some ponytail elastics or little hair bows of your choosing to this hairdo as accessories.

You can change the back’s style, and the front can last for up to a week. Even without double puffs, the back can still be styled as an afro.

14. Shoreline Braids With Top Buns

Another traditional hairstyle for young girls with long hair is shoreline braids with top buns. It combines weaving, braids, and puffs in the ideal way. Girls with dry, delicate hair should go for this kid’s hairdo as their preferred styling option.

15. High Puff

Because it can be worn by all ages, this hairstyle is not only ideal for toddlers but also makes a lovely mother-daughter hairdo. She only has to add a sweet hairpiece, like a hair flower, and she’s ready to go!

One day, though you can change your look every day. She might plait her hair or twist it into thick twists to keep the puff extended at night. Top 30 Hairstyles for Baby Girls in 2023

16. Single Braid With Super Buns

Simply gather the hair from the crown of the head to the forehead and create a large doughnut there to create a mega bun. You might also choose to create another and embellish it with flowers. For girls with long hair, it is among the best hairstyles.

Additionally, it is ideal for any event and is simple to build and maintain. Another straightforward hairdo for young women with large foreheads.

17. Afro puff with a side part

This hairdo is ideal for when your daughter’s hair needs a vacation from braiding. Simply mist a leave-in conditioner into her hair, add a light oil, such as coconut oil, and fluff it up with an afro pick. After that, lay her edges with an edge control gel. Add a sweet hair bow to the side of this hairdo to dress it up.

18. Cornrows with Puff

You can braid the front section of her hair into these easy braids if you have more time and rudimentary braiding skills. Then make a puff with your back hair.

If your daughter’s hair isn’t very long, you can still make the most of what you already have rather than adding potentially uncomfortable hair extension items. Add some hair rings to the cornrows to embellish.

It lasts for a week. The puff may be changed up to keep it looking good all week.

19. High Afro Puff With Ankara Headband

Need to leave in the following five minutes? Your kid will look great with this easy hairstyle. Simply create a high puff with the front hair and let the rear hair fall naturally.

Add a charming headband as an accessory, like Ankara headband/skirt that coordinates with the haircut.

20. Front Braid and Pineapple Buns For Little Girls

This young child’s haircut is stylish and lovely. The braided portion of the hair is concentrated on the crown, and two additional puffs add the finishing touch. Texturizing hair spray will help hold the braid in place and provide extra shine to the hair.

21. Center Ponytail Braids For Toddlers

This hairdo is perfect for any occasion and is a natural hair braiding style for kids. This particular style is ideal for showing your baby’s long hair while maintaining a tidy appearance. This is most likely the ideal wedding hairdo for girls.

22. Cute Double Buns

Overwhelming cuteness! In addition to being straightforward, this haircut protects your daughter’s ends and promotes moisture retention. Use an edge control gel and a soft edge brush to define her edges to give the finishing touches. And if you have a formal event to attend, just add a pretty bow or hair flower.

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23. Bantu Knots Quadrants With Fulani Braids

Because it keeps her hair stretched and prepared for the following hairdo, this is the ideal transitional hairstyle. Simply remove the Bantu knots and style her hair if you desire to cornrow her full head of hair. Add hair accessories like beads. It can last up to a week.

24. Curly Dreads For Little Girls

One of the most popular hairstyles for girls is this one. This dreadlocks-only hairstyle for young girls has dreads that are coiled together and placed around the face. It is a great option for short-haired black babies’ haircuts.

25. Triple Knots With Fulani Braids

Girls who have a soft spot for braids will love this haircut. Simply tie her hair up in four or five thick cornrows. Beads and hair braid rings can be added to the rear cornrow and the Fulani braids.

26. Threaded Shuku or Cornrowed Bun

Such a stylish hairdo with a modern look. For a young child with an active hairstyle, it is a simple  hairstyle. For a creative touch, wrap a piece of wool in a different color around each braid. On the cornrows, you can also place hair rings.

27. Side Sweep Toddler Lemonade Braids With Beads

For a mommy-daughter look, this haircut can be worn by an adult and is flexible. Kids with fine hair can utilize hair extension parts. For a playful style, add some beads and hair accessories.

28. Wavy Lemonade Braids With Crystal Beads

Kids with an active lifestyle will love this adorable haircut because it will last for at least two weeks.

If she won’t remain still for this complicated hairstyle, you might need to hire a hairstylist. Be careful not to braid too tightly. Before style, you could blow out her hair to make it simpler to part it through. You can finish this look by adding your preferred hair beads.

29. Fishbone Braids With Top Buns Hairstyle

For African babies, this hairdo is brand-new and fashionable. For family reunions, this hairdo, which combines culture and tenderness, is perfect. This haircut will accentuate your newborn girl’s inherent beauty.

30. Cornrows With Middle Parts

For a young girl, this haircut is adorable. When I was a young girl myself, I can still recall wearing my hair in a similar way.

Simply add beads to the ends of each cornrow to complete this hairstyle, and your little girl will be ready for the week. It can stay up to 10 days, depending on your daughter’s hair type and sleep schedule, though she can lessen frizz by sleeping in a kids satin bonnet. Top 30 Hairstyles for Baby Girls in 2023

Frequently asked questions About Hairstyles for Baby Girls

What Can I Use For My 1-Year-Old Baby Hair?

Use soft, nourishing products when taking care of a baby’s hair that is one year old. The finest shampoos and conditioners for a baby’s sensitive scalp are those designed specifically for young children because they are less likely to irritate the scalp.

Furthermore, an excellent all-purpose detangler with a mild formula can facilitate combing and style. Avoid using harsh chemical or alcohol-containing styling products because they might harm young hair.

Natural oils like coconut oil can be applied to the scalp and hair for further moisture. This may aid in locking in moisture, shield the hair from harm, and impart a pleasing, natural aroma.

What is the most popular girl hairstyle?

For a while now, the bob has enjoyed enormous popularity, and it’s simple to understand why. The bob hairstyle is one of the most popular hair trends for 2023 because it is attractive, simple to maintain, and it exudes a sense of feminine confidence.

Can I Do My Baby’s Hair At 3 Months?

It is typically advised to postpone styling your baby’s hair until they are at least six months old. The baby’s hair is still growing and can be more delicate at this age. Until then, it is advised to steer clear of chemical treatments like perms and dyes that might damage their fine hair.

Keep the baby’s hair clean and moisturized as a top priority at this age. To achieve this, shampoo the baby’s hair and scalp no more than twice per week with a gentle baby shampoo and moisturize it with a light oil or cream. Additionally, even at six months, try to avoid tight hairstyles like braids and ponytails because they can lead to breaking.


The above listed are the trending hairstyles for moms who want to be up to date. Furthermore, this hairstyles make your little girl so pretty, and adorable. They attract compliments from people because of the beautiful hairdo’s. Try out this hairstyles on your baby girl’s hair and explore together. Have fun!

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