Glo Data Plans 2023: Bundles, Subscription Codes and Prices

This is to inform the general public About Glo Data Plans, Glo prides itself on having the largest data network in the nation. It currently has the most affordable data plans when compared to other networks,

Glo Data Plans

but many subscribers have complained about the poor internet service in some areas. This problem has been resolved thanks to Glo’s 4G LTE network, which is available in some locations and provides blazing-fast connectivity.

With a presence in Ghana, Nigeria, and the Benin Republic, Glo is already on the route to creating Africa’s biggest and greatest telecoms network. Glo is the first individual firm to construct a high-capacity fiber optic submarine connection from the UK to Nigeria.

Glo Data Plans

On Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and other smartphones, Glo offers a variety of data plans for different demographics. These include:

Glo 100 Naira Data Plan

Campus Data Booster 100 Naira for 100MB: Dial *777# and select Campus booster plans to subscribe. Valid for 2 days.

100 Naira Daily Plan: To subscribe, dial *127*51#, or dial *777# to choose from the daily plans. This plan includes 150MB of data that is valid for 1 day.

100 Naira for one GB: Dial *777# and select the special plans option to select and subscribe to the special data plan. Only available at night, from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m., and good for one day.

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200 Naira Data Plan from Glo

N200 Two-Day Budget: Dial *777# and choose weekly plans to sign up for this plan, which offers 350MB of data good for 2 days.

200 Naira for 200MB Campus Booster: Dial *777#, select Campus Booster Plans, then select the plan to subscribe to. Valid for 4 days.

Additionally, a 1GB data plan with a validity of one day is available for 300 Naira by dialing *777# and selecting special plans.

500 Naira Data Plan from Glo

Dial *127*61# to sign up for the TGIF 500 Naira Weekend Plan, which offers 3GB of data valid just on weekends.

Dial *127*57# or *777# and choose weekly plans to sign up for the 500 Naira 14 Day Plan, which offers 1.8GB of data good for two weeks.

2GB data plan for 500 Naira for two days: To pick and subscribe to a particular package, dial *777#.

Campus Data Booster 500 Naira Plan: Dial *777#, pick Campus Data Booster Plan, and then select the plan to subscribe to. This plan offers 500MB of data that is valid for 7 days.

1000 Naira Data Plan from Glo

For 1,000 Naira, Glo is offering 3.9GB of data that is good for 30 days. To sign up for the plan, dial *127*53# or *777# and choose the data plan under the monthly plans.

Additionally, Glo provides the Campus Booster data plan, which delivers 1GB of data for 1,000 Naira effective for 15 days. To sign up, dial *777# and choose the Campus Booster Plan.

2,000 Naira for Glo Data Plan

Glo will provide you 9.2GB of data for 2,000 Naira, good for 30 days and accessible around-the-clock. To sign up, dial *127*55# or *777# and choose the 2,000 Naira data plan under the monthly options.

Additionally, there is a campus booster package that costs 2,000 Naira and provides 2GB of data that is valid for 30 days; to sign up, dial *777#.

2,500 Naira Glo Data Plan

Glo offers 10.8GB of data, valid for 30 days, for 2,500 Naira. Dial *127*58# or *777# and select the 2,500 Naira plan under monthly plans to sign up for this plan. The best value for smartphone users is provided by this package, which gives you an additional 1.6GB of data for just 500 Naira more.

3,000 Naira Glo Data Plan

For 3,000 Naira, Glo is offering 14GB of data that is good for 30 days; to sign up, phone *127*54# or *777# and select the 3,000 Naira data plan under the monthly plans.

Glo Night Plan

200 Naira Night Plan: To sign up for this 200 Naira night plan, dial *127*60#. It includes 1GB of data.

Glo Weekly Data Plans

The 1.8GB 2-week validity data plan from Glo costs 500 Naira and is available around-the-clock by dialing *777#, where you may choose from a variety of unique options.

Additionally, Glo provides 7GB for 7 days for 1500 Naira only. To sign up, dial *777# and choose one of the special plans.

Glo Monthly Data Plans

The following monthly data plans are available from Glo. To sign up for any of these plans, just dial *777#, Select Monthly Data Plans, and then select the plan you want.

3.9GB of data are included in a 1,000 Naira for 30 day subscription.

For 1,500 Naira, you may purchase a 30-day, 7.5GB data package.

2,000 Naira for a 9.2GB data plan valid for 30 days.

10.8GB data plan for 2,500 Naira, valid for 30 days.

3,000 Naira for 14GB data plan is available, valid for 30 days.

4,000 Naira for 18GB data plan, valid for 30 days.

5,000 Naira for 24GB data plan, valid for 30 days.

8,000 Naira for 29.5GB data plan, valid for 30 days.

50GB of data are included in a 10,000 Naira for 30 days subscription.

93GB of data are included in a 15,000 Naira for 30 day subscription.

119GB of data for 18,000 Naira for a 30-day period.

20,000 Naira for 138GB data plan, valid for 30 days.

30,000 Naira for a 225GB data plan, valid for 30 days.

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36,000 Naira with a 300GB data plan, valid for 30 days.

50,000 Naira for a 425GB data plan good for 30 days.

525 GB data plan for 60,000 Naira, valid for 120 days.

675 GB data plan for 75,000 Naira, valid for 120 days.

100,000 Naira for 1TB data plan, valid for 1 year.

What is auto renewal?

If you have enough airtime, Glo will automatically renew your used-up or expired data plan. To cancel, just send the word “Cancel” to the number 127.

What is data rollover?

When you purchase a new data plan, your old one will automatically roll over if it expires before being used up. The remaining portions of the old data will be combined with your new data.

How can I share my Glo Data with friends?

It’s really simple to share data on Glo. First, just buy a data plan. Next, dial *777#, select Buy Data Plan, Manage Data Plan, and Share Data Plan. Finally, input the Glo number of the person you want to share with and confirm.


Without a doubt, Glo boasted in one of its commercials that it had Nigeria’s greatest data network. And to be completely honest, as compared to its competitors in the telecommunications sector, it genuinely offers Nigeria’s most affordable data plans.

Its unreliable and subpar internet network in the majority of the nation, however, has caused it to fall behind some of its rivals in the sector. However, Glo NG launched the 4G LTE network to support quicker internet connection in an effort to find a solution.

FAQs of Glo Data Plans

Can I gift someone my data and how do I go about it?

Gifting someone a data plan on Glo is as simple as dialing *777#, selecting Gift a Data Plan under Buy Data Plan, entering the recipient’s phone number, and confirming the purchase. Additionally, you can send “Gift[Friend’s Number] to 127” or dial *127*USSD Plan Code*Friend’s Number#.

What is the code for cheaper data from Glo?

Simply choose one of our many flexible and affordable data bundles, or activate any internet plan of your choosing by dialing the data code *777#.

What is the largest Glo data plan?

The N100,000 Glo Mega Data Plan. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of high data consumers for dependable and reasonably priced internet access.

How can i check my Glo Data Balance?

Dial *777# and select Check Data Balance from the menu, or text “Info” to 127 to view your Glo data balance.


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