Gaining Entrance Into Manchester City Football Academy

Gaining Entrance Into Manchester City Football Academy. In This Post, You Will Learn All About Gaining Entrance Into Manchester City Football Academy.

Gaining Entrance Into Manchester City Football Academy, Are you an aspiring footballer and you are looking for ways to get into this academy? Or maybe you are looking it up for the future when you are eventually ready to apply to this football academy?

Well, you have come to the right page because right here in this post, we will be discussing all that pertains to this particular academy and all the necessary requirements. So, keep reading to find out more!

Gaining Entrance Into Manchester City Football Academy

About Manchester City Football Academy

One of the most prominent youth academies in England is the Manchester City Football Academy. The academy, which is a part of the City Football Group, seeks to turn gifted young players into professionals for Manchester City and other teams across the globe.

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Although admission to the academy is extremely competitive, you can realize your dream of playing football for City if you put in the necessary effort and commitment. I’ll give a summary of the Manchester City academy and outline the application process for various age groups in this blog post.

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Overview of the Manchester City Academy

There’s an educational pathway from childhood to professional level offered by the Manchester City academy, which fields teams ranging from under-9 to under-23. To acquire experience in competitive settings, the teams participate in youth leagues and events such as the FA Youth Cup.

Modern training centers and knowledgeable coaching staff are employed by the academy to develop players’ abilities. Debutantes from the academy could potentially land professional deals with Manchester City or be transferred to other City Football Group subsidiaries.

Gaining Entrance Into Manchester City Football Academy

You must enroll in the City Football School, which assists both boys and girls in developing their football skills and self-confidence, in order to be a part of the Manchester City Academy.

The club offers young players genuine and innovative football coaching programs for players of all ages and abilities with the assistance of seasoned coaches.

To support players in all areas of their football development, City Football School is divided into four distinct programs.

Details Of The Manchester City Football Academy

The following areas will be covered in the courses, which are intended to assist each player’s development:

  • Acquiring the basic skills for both attacking and defending.
    Gaining self-assurance and inventiveness in one-on-one scenarios.
  • Through a series of mini-games (3v3s, 4v4s, etc.), players’ roles and the fundamentals of formations and positions are better understood, thereby preparing them for 11v11 in subsequent years.

Is joining the Manchester City Football Academy the right choice?

In order to join the Manchester City Academy, a student must enroll in the City Football School, which helps both boys and girls develop their football-related skills and confidence.

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The club offers young players genuine and innovative football coaching programs for players of all ages and abilities, assisted by seasoned coaches.

Enrollment Strategy Of The Manchester City Academy

Enrolling in the City Football School, which assists both boys and girls in developing their football skills and self-confidence, is a requirement for joining the Manchester City Academy.

Football coaching programs for players of all ages and skill levels are offered by the club to young players, with the assistance of knowledgeable coaches.

For the purpose of assisting players in all areas of football development, City Football School is divided into four programs.

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Curriculum At Manchester City Football Academy

To join the Man City Academy, you should pick from the following development programs below:

1. Young Player Development Program

2. City Football Language

3. City Football Development & Performance

4. City Football Training Experience

 Eligibility Requirements For Manchester City Football Academy

  • Football Talent
  • Academic record
  • Good videotapes
  • Good Medical report
  • Language
  • Consent
  • International Students: You should obtain a student visa at your country embassy.

 How Foreigners Can Join The Manchester City Youth Academy- A Guide

1. Through The International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

For non-native English speakers or the global community, the International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is a globally recognized exam or assessment of English language competency.

Fee: Around 250

Try your best to obtain a good IELTS score.

2. Student Visa at your country embassy

Please visit the embassy of your nation to learn more about the requirements for obtaining a student visa.

Get your student visa as soon as possible to prevent procession delays.

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3. Good medical report

You should provide them with a quality medical report just to be safe.

Every football club in the transfer market does a medical on new players or arrivals because they would prefer to work with players who have a clean medical history.

4. Man City Affiliate Academy in your country

There are Manchester City Football Academies all over the world, such as in India and the United States.

 How To Make It Into The Manchester City Football Academy

How to Join at the Under-9 Level

The Manchester City academy admits students starting in the under-9 division. In an effort to find gifted young players, talent scouts host tryouts all over Manchester. To stand out during a tryout:

  • Arrive early to sign up and get warmed up.
  • Show off your excellent technical abilities by passing, dribbling, and shooting.
  • Play with boldness, vigor, and dedication.
  • Attend to the advice and criticism given by coaches.
  • Exhibit a positive outlook and show others respect.

You’ll receive an invitation to tryout for the under-9 academy team if you’re chosen. This presents a thrilling opportunity to start growing within City’s youth program.

How to Join at Older Age Groups

Manchester City offers open tryouts for anyone 16 and older. It’s a competitive process as City looks for outstanding talent to replace current academy players. In order to improve your odds:

  • Participate in a competitive youth or school team to obtain experience.
  • Participate in several City tryouts to become acquainted with their drills.
  • Examine your weak points and make improvements before the next tryout.
  • Express interest and inquire about tryouts with City scouts.
  • To hone skills, think about paying for sports academy training.
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If you make an impression during a tryout, City might ask you to return for more assessment. You have to show world-class potential in order to get into an older academy group.

Manchester City Football Academy Contact and location

City Football Academy, West Gate, Alan Turing Way, Manchester, M11 4TQ.


Beginning on September 18 and lasting for 12 weeks after delivery, is Course 1, Autumn.

Depending on the age group, the weekly training times are:

Age GroupDate of BirthSession 1 – SkillsSession 2 – Games
Under 701/09/16 – 31/08/18Monday:
Under 901/09/14 – 31/08/16Wednesday:
Under 1101/09/12 – 31/08/14Tuesday:
Under 1301/09/10 – 31/08/12Thursday:
Under 1501/09/08 – 31/08/10Thursday:

How good is Manchester City Academy?

Over the course of 31 games in 2022, our EDS team won 19 games overall in all competitions. That is equivalent to a 61.29 win percentage, with only three defeats for City.

FAQs About Gaining Entrance Into Manchester City Football Academy

1. How much is Manchester City football academy?

Physically capable players should be able to take part in age-appropriate football training sessions. The following are the costs for the courses: First course: Autumn; duration: 12 weeks; 24 training sessions (19 September to 17 December 2022). – £435.

2. How do you get into academy football?

  • Determine your goals and evaluate your skills.
  • Look into Appropriate Football Club Academies.
  • Attend showcases and trials for football.
  • Connect with Professional Football Players and Make Use of Social Media.

3. What age is Man City Academy for?

Young players, aged 5 to 14, can train and grow at the City Football Academy while being exposed to the training and playing philosophy of Manchester City as part of the Young Player Development Programme.

4. How to register in Manchester City Academy?

The Academy continues to have an open policy. Thus, those who are interested may visit to apply for Man City Academy.

5. Where do Man City Academy players live?

The University of Salford owns the excellent housing known as Peel Park Quarter, also known as the Salford Residence. Situated in close proximity to the City Football Academy, we organize for daily private coach transportation of players participating in our summer programs to and from this location.


It’s challenging to get into the Manchester City academy. You can, however, hone your skill and work toward your goal of playing for one of the best teams in England if you are committed to the cause.

At any age, make the most of your opportunities by using the advice in this article. The first tryout marks the start of the journey.

We hope this article was really informative? Do stay tuned to our site for more updates like this one!

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