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Matawalle: Bandits Should Be Executed Since They Are similar To Animals.

The death penalty has been sanctioned for anyone found guilty of banditry, abduction, livestock rustling, or cultism in the state, according to Bello Matawalle, the governor of Zamfara.

When he was being interviewed on the TVC program Journalists’ Hangout on Wednesday, Matawalle spoke.

He claims that despite numerous attempts, the state government’s attempts to reduce banditry in the state were not entirely successful.

Sadly, there are good and bad people in every society, he said. “God knows I have adopted so many options for this crisis to leave the state,” he said.

“We’ve made every effort. I’ve taken on a lot of options in the state, and the majority of them have produced fruitful outcomes.

“I’ve written dialog. I turned the network off. Although we reduced the food supply, we did not completely succeed. The Yansakai vigilante organization uses a fake weapon, so the robbers are afraid of them. Motorcycle plugs were inserted into it. Bandits are afraid of that weapon since it can split them in half.

They believe Yansakai to be the most horrible individuals. I am aware of my motivation for issuing that command, and it was a success.

The governor said that he is confident the death penalty will be effective in the state despite the fact that it is not a widely supported strategy globally.

Death penalty is effective. It has my signature. Anybody found guilty will be prosecuted. Although the death sentence may not be popular, are those who murder others? He queried.

The governor stated that locals should arm themselves and that bandits should not be treated leniently.

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“These bandits are like beasts, which is why I recommended that everyone should have a firearm. He questioned, “How can you watch someone farming and then go and kill him?

“If we advise our people against carrying weapons, if not the people themselves, who will go up against the bandits? Why can’t those who are criticizing the command go save our people?

“As governor, I cannot stand by and watch as my people are murdered every day. It isn’t feasible. The protection of his people’s lives and property is one of the governor’s main duties.

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