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Elon Musk Takeover on Twitter: Verified Accounts Will Begin Paying N9,000 Monthly Subscription

Verified Twitter users will have to pay N8,760 per month to keep their verified status. If users do not subscribe within 90 days, they risk losing their badge.

Types Of Users That Could Be Verified

Twitter Blue, a subscription-based model introduced last year, provides exclusive access to premium features such as tweet editing, undo tweets, and more.

According to TheVerge, the verified badge allows people to identify genuine accounts. To obtain the blue badge, you must be notable and active on the platform.

Twitter categorizes notable accounts as follows: government, news organizations, individuals in the news and journalists, companies, brands, and organizations, entertainment, sports, and gaming, activists, organizers, and content creators, and influential individuals.

The blue badge has evolved into a status symbol. Twitter has 360,000 verified accounts, accounting for 0.2% of monetisable daily active users.

Revenue earners for Twitter Verified accounts can also upload ten-minute videos to the platform, among other things.

The cost of verification was about $3 when it first launched in 2021, but it was raised to $5 in October 2022. Twitter employees were given a November deadline to launch the new feature, so the directive would go into effect in November.

As he responded to a user who requested that his account be verified, the platform’s new owner stated that the verification process would be overhauled.

The billionaire is eager to increase site subscriptions, which he believes will generate half of the company’s total revenue. He also intends to change the character limit for posts.

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